Mahdism and the Iranian nuclear program

President Ahmadinejad: Convinced that the U.S. wants to prevent

the emergence of the Shiite Messiah and that Iran must rule world.



Die Welt, Germany

Ahmadinejad Announces Iranian Plans to 'Administer the World'


"We mustn't allow those who have dominated the world for 400 years to continue to oppress us and saddle us with their arrogance Ö We want to put the worldís economy and politics in order, but we have only a limited time."


By Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh*



Translated By Stephanie Martin and Ulf Behncke


December 12, 2009


Germany - Die Welt - Original Article (Germany)


During a visit to Isfahan, the site of four Chinese-built nuclear reactors, President Ahmadinejad expressed his conviction that America seeks to prevent the emergence of the Shiite Messiah, and that it's Iran's destiny to 'administer the world.'


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Amnesty International calls for an investigation into Iranian human rights abuses, as government crackdown continues, Dec. 10, 00:02:31RealVideo

During a visit to Isfahan [on Dec. 4], Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad commented on his messianic ideas, his hostility toward the West and the Iranian nuclear program. Meanwhile, the massive oppression of civil society continues.


First of all: According to the president and his mentor Ayatollah Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi, uranium enrichment and the nuclear program serve to hasten the return of the Twelfth Imam of Shiite Muslims who disappeared in the mid-ninth century. In theological terms, the Twelfth Imam, or Mahdi, is the type of messianic figure whose return is anticipated by all of the world's monotheist religions. In the Khomeini-ist interpretation of Islam, the clergy are expected to rule until the Messiah reappears. And according to the interpretation of Ayatollah Mesbahe Yazdi, President Ahmadinejadís unspiritual mentor, this process can be expedited. Then, during a battle against the world's infidels [unbelievers], the Islamization of the world will take place.


[Editor's Note: 'Twelver' Shiites believe that the Mahdi was born in 869 and didn't die, but rather was hidden by God, later to emerge with Jesus Christ to fulfill their mission of bringing peace and justice to the world.]


Ahmadinejad legitimizes Iran's nuclear program in light of this type of Shiite mythology, which is why Iranís Khomeini-ist rulers pursue not only the goal of total control over their own society, but the ideological objective of global Islamization. For according to Shiite beliefs, peace will only occur under Islamic rule.


In this context, Ahmadinejad actually believes that the U.S. government, since it doesn't favor Islamic rule but rather the enforcement of human rights and constitutional norms, wants to prevent the return of the 12th Imam. All Islamists, whether they support Ahmadinejad or former President Khatami, oppose these types of democratic convictions. Only the enforcement of pure Islamic rule, albeit achievable in a variety of ways, is acceptable.


Supporters of all shades of Khomeini-ism champion a "divine justice" that can only be achieved with the enforcement of the anachronistic Islamic penal code under government authority.


Consequently, even the anti-imperialist struggle against the United States, leader of the entire Western world, can only occur under the banner of the Ayatollah Khomeini and the 12th Imam.


Ayatollah Yazdi and President Ahmadinejad proceed in the firm conviction that the world is now in this messianic phase. This is the Shiite version of apocalyptic thought, which views paramilitary organs of repression like the Bassij and Revolutionary Guard as "sacred institutions" rather than instruments of totalitarian rule.


Consequently, the "Mahdistic society" that President Ahmadinejad speaks of is the totalitarian "utopia" of every Shiite Islamist.




Iranian president, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, rarely expresses his paranoia as clearly as he did in Isfahan. On December 4 he said, "We have documents in our possession that prove that America wants to prevent the return of the 12th Imam."


Although they sold weapons to Iran, Ahmadinejad says that former President Ronald Reagan and his secretary of state [George Shultz] intended to "wipe the name of Iran off the map."


Ahmadinejad describes late former President Reagan and his then Secretary of State George Schultz as "idiots." However, the Tabnak News Agency didn't report why of all people, Ahmadinejad insults Reagan and Schultz, who were actually responsible for negotiating weapons sales to Iran in connection with the Iran-Contra Affair.


Some background: In the early 1980s, the United States supplied Iran with weapons in exchange for U.S. citizens who were arrested and being held hostage. The Reagan government funded right-wing Contras in Nicaragua with funds from the Iran-Contra weapons deal, a political scandal that went down in history. Yet today, Ahmadinejad refers to those very same U.S. politicians, who were responsible for selling weapons to Iran, as "idiots."


In fact, according to Tabnak, Ahmadinejad is convinced that, "both the West and the East would like to destroy Iran."


Ahmadinejad makes the assumption that "the Middle East is the most important part of the world, and that the most important country in the Middle East is Iran."




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The Iranian President also touched on the subject of Israel and said that even the "seven ancestors of the Zionist regime" wouldn't dare risk war against Iran.


According to Tabnak, the Iranian President said that the, "arrogant ones are after the oil and the riches of the world." However, the presence of American forces in Afghanistan wasn't his only criticism. Ahmadinejad claims to be able to prove that the Americans want to prevent the "return of the Imam" by promoting a previous revelation.




Dr. Ahmadinejad complains that Iran is surrounded by "military adversaries" and says, "They have a plan to annihilate Iran." Yet in Afghanistan, he also says that the Americans have been, "caught like a four-legged beast in the mud."


According to him, Western countries would now try to topple the Iranian regime, but the "absolute rule of the clergy" (velayat-e faqih), which governs the succession Shiite Imam rulers, will always prevail.


Iranian President Ahmadinejad forcefully rejected the decisions of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors. He is of the firm conviction that institutions like the IAEA don't act "fairly and logically because it operates under pressure from a few seemingly powerful states that are doomed to extinction and which pass illegal resolutions against us."


In Isfahan, Ahmadinejad said that Western nations had the belief that all people would obey them. He described the role of the IAEA as follows: "Such organizations are under the control of a number of failing states which don't completely act within the confines of the law." He emphasized that, as far as Iran was concerned, "[our] nuclear issue has been settled."


In terms of uranium enrichment, he said: "If you donít supply us with [nuclear] fuel, then with Godís help we will produce 20 percent enriched uranium and anything else we need. They wage a psychological war and argue the case for war against us. All of this is just a propaganda game. During some of my previous trips to New York I was told that the Zionist regime was rather incensed and that they might take action against us," the Iranian President prattled on. He continued: "But I told them that the Zionist regime is a nothing and that even its masters can do nothing against us."


With regard to the policies of the Obama Administration, Ahmadinejad said: "He (Obama) declared that he wanted to put in place fundamental changes. We welcomed this and urged him to take action with the following words: Bismillah, in the name of god, do something. I have told him (Obama) that if you want a fundamental change, youíve got to lead the way. Cease the politics of violence, aggression, lawlessness and discrimination, the military occupation of the Middle East and stop your support of the Zionist murderers. Love the peoples of this world. And we have tried to bring about these changes. But right now we're concerned. The Americans arenít moving forward in a positive manner."


The Iranian president purports to be concerned that the "Zionists" might be controlling President Obama just like former President Bush. Ahmadinejad emphasized that he once wrote a letter to President Bush suggesting that he, as a Christian, should behave like a Christian. According to Ahmadinejad, however, Bush didnít take his advice or attend to the holy citations he sent the U.S. president. President Ahmadinejad described Bush as the "most despicable American president," and expressed his wish that President Obama not suffer the same fate as his predecessor.



President Ahmadinejad also claimed to have reported the existence of a recently discovered nuclear plant a year ago and accused the West of interfering with Iran's internal affairs, asking: "In any case, who gave you permission to engage in espionage in our country."




Tabnak reported that Ahmadinejad announced a number of "government objectives" during his visit to Isfahan, the first being: to prepare Iran for "the administration of the world." The Iranian President added: "We mustn't allow those who have dominated the world for 400 years to continue to oppress us and saddle us with their arrogance." Ahmadinejad believes that the issue of "culture" makes him and the "Islamic Republic of Iran" ideally suited to manage the world and he therefore concludes: "We want to put the worldís economy and politics in order, but we have only a limited time." In this context, he called Western societies "uncultured." As proof of the West's lack of culture, the Iranian President referred to, "the [violation of] the sanctity of Islamic beliefs and the prevention of Muslims from building mosques and minarets."


The Iranian President believes that "there are some forces involved with every dimension of the crisis." The economic power of America and the Western world are in decline, but Latin America is on its way to monotheism - hence the need for the Islamic Republic to start concerning itself with managing the world. He said: "We need to continue to seek a new way of exercising power to manage the world." He also stressed that Iran would reach the goal of administering and managing the world with the help of "cultural engagement."†††



To conclude, here is an example of "cultural engagement," according to Iran's Islamic rulers: Parastou Forouhar [daughter of Dariush and Parwaneh Forouhar, who were murdered by Iranian officials in 1998], who lives in Germany, travelled to Iran once again this year to visit with relatives and commemorate the anniversary of her parentís execution. Upon leaving Iran for Frankfurt, she was arrested at Tehran Airport and her passport was confiscated. Parastou Forouhar is one of Iranís most respected artists in exile. It's possible that she'll be sentenced in court. The world of politics is silent on this case and on the massive violations of human rights in Iran. European politicians should recognize at last that the "Islamic Republic of Iran" cannot be reformed, and that insistence on human rights must be made the foundation of its foreign policy toward that country.


*Dr. Wahied Wahdat-Hagh was born on October 20, 1957 in Ludwigsburg, in southern Germany. He's a senior research fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels. He received his PhD at the Freie Universitšt Berlin. His dissertation, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran: The Rule of Political Islam as a Form of Totalitarianism,' was published in 2003.






















































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