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[Al-Arabiya, United Arab Emirates]



Amal al-Oumma, Egypt

The U.S.-Zionist 'Hoax' Over East Jerusalem


"Everyone, including ourselves, believed that America, the merciful mother of the Zionist entity, was strongly opposed to the eternal dream of the Zionists to take over all of East Jerusalem. … But it has begun to seem as if the image America has been projecting is a hoax."


By Kawthar Abdal Fattah*



Translated By Nicolas Dagher


March 25, 2010


Egypt - Amal al-Oumma - Original Article (Arabic)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: When his government announced plans to build 1,600 new homes on what is widely percieved to be occupied Palestinian land in East Jerusalem, it was a major slap in the face to visiting Vice President Joe Biden.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Arabs and Palestinians say that without a settlement freeze, they will not negotiate with Israel, Mar. 27, 00:01:12 RealVideo

In the time that has been lost [negotiating], some have begun to move - not to save Jerusalem from Judaization and its loss of identity, but to save face after the issue of Jerusalem became a catastrophic insult to international legitimacy. As is its habit, the Zionist entity has smashed all international, religious and humanitarian treaties by moving forward and implementing its plans.


Arabs as usual fell into the trap, believing that the tension over settlements in Jerusalem between the Zionist entity and America was real. Everyone, including ourselves, believed that America, the merciful mother of the Zionist entity, was strongly opposed to the eternal dream of the Zionists to take over all of East Jerusalem, transforming a united Jerusalem into the Zionist capital - with a Jewish identity, name and population.


But the rapid succession of developments in both American and Zionist arenas and follow-up statements on Jerusalem by both sides reflect another possibility. Contrary to appearances, it has begun to seem as if the image America has been projecting toward the Zionist entity is a hoax. Washington's opposition and strong language quickly shifted to a mere warning and lecture, which then morphed into an open invitation for the Zionist entity's prime minister to meet with American President Obama.


All of this comes amid Zionist statements that insist on going ahead with the Judaization of Jerusalem and the holy sites, along with continuing with the construction of settlements in Eastern Jerusalem.


[Al-Arabiya, United Arab Emirates]



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 Are all of these events what they appear to be? Does anyone who knows the history of American allegiance to the Zionist entity believe that what's happening on the ground is the complete truth?


Or have hidden and undeclared agreements been concluded? Are these events just another attempt to fool Arab and Muslim public opinion? Is this just an anesthetic to get Arab and Muslim populations to believe that America will protect the holy sites and take upon itself the defense of Arab and Muslim rights in Jerusalem - as if America were now the center of a new Caliphate that would look after these rights and protect the holy sites?


The history of America's relations with the Zionist entity confirm that recent statements on Jerusalem and the holy sites, whether they've come from the Zionist entity or America, merely play around the margins of a script that has been written to serve the objective of satisfying Zionist interests and anesthetizing public opinion, so that the Zionist entity will have a new opportunity to impose a policy of “fait accompli” that it has, with its schemes, pursued all along. [Author appears to refer to Israel's decades-long policy of creating "facts on the ground" in the form of settlements that future peace agreements on creating a Palestinians state would be forced to take into account.]   



So we shouldn't be deceived by these skits - we shouldn’t allow them to cause us to lose focus. The solution for us is to move forward on the path of resistance by proclaiming our strategic choice that the holy sites including the Aqsa Mosque will be liberated and Jerusalem will be returned to us. Let us proclaim that this is our stand, our choice and our decision, without hoping for the kindness of those, the defense of these or the protection of others. The facts on the ground prove without doubt that the only path is the path of resistance, which is also the path of honor and pride.


A French-Jewish artillery officer, Alfred Dreyfus was wrongly convicted of treason in 1894 and recieved a life sentence until his innocence was proven and he was released in 1896.

[Editor's Note: Although to many Muslims, the word "Zionism" has taken on a sinister hue, "Zionism" is a concept popularized by Hungarian Jewish journalist Theodore Herzl in his 1896 book The State of the Jews. In light of Europe's history of cruelty and marginalization of Jews - and after a French Jewish military officer named Alfred Dreyfus was accused of spying for Germany and convicted of treason in one of the most notorious cases of anti-Semitism in French history - Herzl concluded that Jews would never be accepted in Europe and needed their own homeland. This is the origin of political Zionism and the drive to create a Jewish state, which culminated in 1948 with the founding of the state of Israel.]


*Kawthar Abdal Fattah is secretary of the Women's Initiative for the Victory of Palestine



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