Newspaper: Kitabat (Iraq)

President Obama attends a memorial service for troops killed at

Fort Hood: Were the killings designed by those who control the

U.S. government, as a lesson that Muslims cannot be trusted?



Al Watan Voice, Palestinian Territories [Gaza]

The Lesson of Fort Hood: 'Muslims Cannot Be Trusted'


"Obama has shown and continues to show inappropriate weakness and unjustified humility. ... I don't think Obama knows that Arabs and Muslims consider humility a weakness and forgiveness an illusion."


By Hameed Al Wasity


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


November 12, 2009


Palestinian Territories [Gaza] - Al Watan Voice - Original Article (Arabic)

U.S. Army psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan: Why did he do it? There seems to be the notion among Arabs that the entire event was a conspiracy of 'Zionists' and/or 'Freemasons.'


BBC NEWS VIDEO: What did faith have to do with the Fort Hood massacre?, Nov. 11, 00:03:16RealVideo

CNN has carried a report of an Arab officer who killed 13 American soldiers and wounded dozens at the Fort Hood military base in Texas.


And the officer, Major Nidal Hasan, is a psychiatrist responsible for treating American soldiers. There are so many colorful stories about his nationality. Some of his colleagues say he's Jordanian, while certain news outlets report he's of Palestinian origin. A video broadcast by CNN showed Hasan entering a convenience store in Fort Hood on Thursday morning - seven hours before the shooting - wearing Arab robes - taken by the stores video camera. The Al Watan Voice reported: "An Arab officer kills 13 soldiers at U.S. base in Texas. He was seen drinking coffee and wearing Islamic garb before the shooting."



I'd like to say - U.S. President Barack Obama has Islamic roots and for the first time in American history, has begun to engage with and show compassion for the Arab and Muslim world. He has begun taking on Arab and Muslim advisors in the White House and pursuing policies of weakness and forgiveness toward Arab and Muslim regimes that are for the most part corrupt and oppressive!! That isnt consistent with American policy or hegemony and doesn't go down well with the hidden world government (Freemasonry), particularly as its military wing (the American armies) are now in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other areas of the Middle East!!


The decline of American power caused by the weakness and indecision of President Obama has gotten so bad that some Arab and Muslim leaders have taken advantage of it. When President George W. Bush gave a speech at any event, for example, Arab and Muslim leaders would shake in fear, so concerned where they that they would be the focus of the speech, or that American radar would lock on to one of their regimes.


In fact, Barack Obama has shown and continues to show inappropriate weakness and unjustified humility. This has been taken advantage of by Arab and Muslim governments. I don't think that Obama knows that Arabs and Muslims consider humility a weakness and forgiveness an illusion.



[Hoje Macau, Macau]



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The Fort Hood shooting was organized by the hidden world government, International Zionism or Freemasonry (which nominated Obama for a presidential run), and was designed to push an Arab-Muslim officer - and a doctor with the rank of Major - to teach Obama and others a primary lesson: when an American doctor and officer would betray and kill in an instant, one cannot so easily trust Arabs and Muslims - and he [Hasan] is an Arab and a Muslim!!



Unless Obama changes his policies and begins following in the footsteps of those who preceded him by bringing back American prestige, then there'll be yet another lesson and another opportunity!!












































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