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For Himself and for Palestine, Obama Must Now take Historic Risk (Al Hayat Al Jadidah, Palestinian Territories)


"Obama may yet leave his mark as a policy maker deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded at the beginning of his first term. That will allow America to escape its growing isolation and doubts about it that infuse the population in this part of the world. ... It is the duty of President Obama to change the image of the country over which he presides, which is alone in standing with Israel on the wrong side of one of the most complicated and just causes in human history."


By Yehiah Rabah



Translated By Nicolas Dagher


March 24, 2013


Palestinian Territories - Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah - Original Article (Arabic)

President Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after a joint news conference, March 20.


WHITE HOUSE VIDEO: President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu press conference in Jerusalem, Mar. 20, 00:41:38RealVideo

Despite the exaggerated talk of Israeli security we heard from President Obama during a press conference in Israel last Wednesday - with Benjamin Netanyahu by his side - there is still a chance for Obama to change the trajectory of affairs in the region. He may yet leave his mark as a distinguished policy maker deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded at the beginning of his first term, and put his fingerprints on the Palestinian cause, the oldest, deepest and most worthy of justice. That will allow America to escape its growing isolation and doubts about it that infuse the population in this part of the world. Strategists are aware that ultimately, such doubts and isolation come at a very high price.


Barack Obama's visit to Palestine and Israel is very important, and its essence should not be reduced to sugary talk about the necessities for Israeli security. That is a traditional American policy, it is nothing new, and is not the reason for the visit - especially after Netanyahu pre-empted Obama’s visit by forming a new governing coalition trending even more to the right, up to no good, and clinging to additional settlements.


The purpose of this visit, at the beginning of Obama’s second term, should be to look for an opportunity, a serious opportunity worthy of one of the world's greatest nations, and worthy of a man whose second ascension to the U.S. presidency is considered one of the most important events in modern American history!!


Because without the pursuit of this serious and genuine opportunity, the visit is futile and less than ordinary.


What is this potential opportunity?


On the Palestinian side, despite the daunting odds and the difficulties at every level, be they Israel's racist, stupid and outrageous practices or the instability of the Arab world all around us, we have been able to achieve successes deniable only by people who have taken leave of their senses. Based on the logic of international law, we were able to obtain global legitimacy with U.N. observer status as a Palestinian state under occupation, within pre-1967 borders - and with East Jerusalem as its capital. Israel cannot continue to behave as if nothing happened!


[Editor's Note: This new status, adopted by the U.N. General Assembly on Nov. 29, 2012 despite U.S. and Israeli opposition, puts Palestine on a level equal to the Holy See within the United Nations system. Of the 193 voting U.N. members, only nine voted no: Canada, the Czech Republic, Israel, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Panama and the United States].



Similarly, America cannot continue to act as if nothing has happened just to satisfy its absolute bias toward Israel! The U.S. president can use this issue as a starting point, and rely on his allies in the world, the United Nations, and the Quartet, to emerge from isolation, take the initiative and collaborate with all other parties. It is the duty of President Obama to change the image of the country over which he presides, which is alone in standing with Israel on the wrong side of one of the most complicated and just causes in human history.


This is most important:


What is required of President Obama is that he not repeat the failures of the past. What has occurred up to now has been a great failure. What is needed is for him to go to the root of the problem and arrive at the core of a solution, which is a negotiated Israeli withdrawal behind the borders of the Palestinian state approved by the vast majority [of nations] last November. He should also take into account Palestinian successes on many key issues that the world - including America - has witnessed. President Obama mentioned these issues during his press conference with Abu Mazen at Palestinian Authority headquarters in Ramallah. Today we have security services that are stable, effective and have a formidable degree of professionalism. It has become clear that security breaches, when they occur, are directly due to Israeli actions, or because of their disturbed and aggressive behavior!

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The Palestinian authority has succeeded in establishing a transparent fiscal policy, restoring the rule of law, buikding high caliber institutions and is building an infrastructure base for a national Palestinian economy. The only obstacle to these trends is the Israeli occupation.




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One must recall that when a majority of the world voted for Palestine as an observer state, all of these Palestinian successes were taken into account. It is regrettable that while the United States recognizes these Palestinian achievements, is continues its bias favoring Israel's failure and the obscenity of Israeli aggression.


It is a very important visit, since it demonstrates that after years of effort by Israel and its U.S. supporters to ignore the Palestinian cause and look for other priorities, it remains the first and central issue. Israeli assertions about their ability to maintain stability and security without a just solution to the Palestinian cause are simple political stupidity - and I think that no party in the world knows this better than the United States and its current president Barack Obama.


Is it possible to say that this vitally important visit might succeed in a new and reasonable resumption of the peace process?


With all the elements necessary for a new start to the peace process clearly in place, we have to wait for steps announced by [Secretary of State] John Kerry, which will begin next Saturday. Any foot dragging or failure - if it happens, God Forbid - will not be the fault of the Palestinian side, but that of Israel and the U.S. administration that supports it! Obviously, we don't want, nor would we seek, such a failure. We want success, and at the very least the rights granted us by the international community, which is our independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital - and we would welcome President Obama to follow that path.



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