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The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Tell America to Stop Backing Terrorist Attacks on Iran


"One smells an American rat in our mineral-rich and strategically-important Balochistan Province. … Islamabad must fork over to Tehran every shred of incriminating evidence about Jundallah’s presence on our soil and confront the Americans."




October 19, 2009


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

Tehran charges that the horrific suicide bombing in their Sistan and Baluchestan Province on Sunday was planned and launched from Pakistan. Foreign Office spokesmen have denied the charge, but the question is - why is the hierarchy in Islamabad burning its fingers just for the sake of our scheming, unreliable American allies?


For quite some time, Iranians have been complaining that the Americans have cloned Iran's Baloch terrorist outfit Jundallah with dissidents and based it in our Balochistan Province. From there, they've been staging assaults on Sistan and Baluchestan Province in Iran to destabilize the country. Tehran has persistently asked Islamabad to shut down this proxy shop of America on our soil.


We aren't told what the response of Islamabad has been to these Iranian demands. But one smells an American rat in our mineral-rich and strategically-important Balochistan Province. One recalls the intriguing and suspicious killings of Chinese engineers helping to build Gwadar Port, who were killed in a terrorist shootout. And after it was completed, as it turns out, the port was without explanation handed over to the state-run port authority of U.S. ally Singapore - and at such throwaway terms that it would be any investor's dream.


Only the Islamabad hierarchy's eyes and ears know how much credence to give Iran's accusation. But there is little question that Balochistan has become a hotbed of alien agencies based in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan is the regional hub of America’s CIA, on its own or in collusion with other friendly spy agencies, such as Kabul’s own State Information Agency (KHAD) and India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).



It's an open secret that right under the noses of the Americans, RAW has made Afghanistan a launching pad for training, arming, bankrolling and infiltrating our Balochistan Province with insurgents to wage a separatist rebellion.


Right now, our domestic security czar, Rehman Malik, is often heard blaring about how the government has asked America to intervene and stop India's mischief in Balochistan. Could there be a funnier joke? Does he really think the Americans didn't already know? Hasn't it occurred to him that what the Indians are doing, they do with the full concurrence of Afghanistan's American sultans? Does he really need to be told that it is with full U.S. acquiescence that Baramdagh Bugti is nestled in a safe haven in Afghanistan, going to and fro between Kabul and New Delhi to receive the instructions of his Indian patrons?


Why complain to the Americans about the Indians? Are we not people with a state, or just toddlers whining before our American nanny? Shouldn’t we tell the Indians straight out to end their wickedness? When will the hierarchs in Islamabad bother to grasp that after ousting the Taliban, the Bush Administration handed Afghanistan to the CIA to govern in an alliance with non-Pashtun warlords, only to rush off to its Iraqi adventure?  




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And what was the first thing the CIA did? It warmly embraced RAW, shunned Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and along with the Afghan KHAD and Israeli Mossad, began playing games in the region, despicably choosing Pakistan’s tribal region, especially Balochistan. That collusion triggered some queer events, with mountains of money, weapons, communications equipment and fleets of mountain vehicles clandestinely making their way into both the tribal region and Balochistan. Worrisome alignments suddenly and inexplicably surfaced there.    



Naik Mohammad, former militant commander of Waziristan, played frequent host to Jundallah’s senior leaders, including his frequent honored guest, Jundallah chief Abdolmalek Rigi. Naik Mohammad’s own fabulous riches - both in wealth and weapons - were all the rage, and tribal people who were in the know pointed fingers at his bonanza’s source - the armory and treasury of the CIA. Mohammad's chumminess with Jundallah was terminated when he was killed in a telling CIA drone strike soon after he signed a peace accord with the Pakistan army, pledging never to attack it and to expel foreign fighters from his domain.


Why is Islamabad burning bridges to its neighbors for a friend who is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing? It isn't only Iran which is angry at Islamabad. Our time-tested and all-weather friends the Chinese are also unhappy. They're miffed at Pakistan for letting America use our tribal belt for training dissidents for the [Uyghur] insurgency in their Xinjiang Province.


The Americans - make no mistake about it - will leave without even shaking a hand once their objectives in the region are met. But we have to live here as a neighbor of Iran and China. Hence, Islamabad must fork over to Tehran every shred of incriminating evidence about Jundallah’s presence on our soil and confront the Americans, sternly demanding that they roll back this terrorist outfit, hook, line and sinker.































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