A screen grab from Iraq's Al Iraqiyah TV said to show Ali Hassan

al-Majid, also known as Chemical Ali, before he was hanged, Jan. 25



Kitabat, Iraq

Chemical Ali and the Unfolding Fraud of Iraq's Elections


"Just two hours later, Al Maliki announced news of the execution to divert the attention of Iraqis from the bombings of Bloody Monday. Are these bombings further proof that the upcoming elections are a deception? Are Baathists and Saddamists really behind the attacks? Or is it Iran? Or is it Syria?"




Translated By James Jacobson and Nicolas Dagher


January 27, 2010


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

A screen grab from Iraqi television showing Ali Hassan Al-Majid, Saddam's cousin and former defense minister moments before his hanging. The event has become a political football, with Sunnis charging that Prime Minister Maliki announced the execution as a way of diverting public attention from a series of bombings that highlight the current leadership's ineptness.


AL-JAZEERA VIDEO: The execution of 'Chemical Ali,' Ali Hassan Al-Majid, Jan. 25, 00:01:43 RealVideo

In one of his dumber moves, great fool and prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, hurried to announce news of the execution of Ali Hassan Al-Majid [aka/Chemical Ali], in order to divert the attention of the Iraqi street from the bombings of "Bloody Monday." Ali, a former defense minister, when informed of the decision to execute him, quietly and confidently replied, “Praise be to Allah …”


[Editor's Note: At least 36 people were killed and 71 wounded in the attacks at Baghdad's Ishtar Sheraton, Babylon, and al-Hamra hotels, police said.]


Al-Maliki’s announcement, which appeared to be addressed to Baathists and Kurds alone, wasn't long in coming: he delivered it just two hours after the most recent hemorrhage of precious Iraqi blood, and before Kurdish President Al-Barzani traveled to Washington seeking consultations about the creation of an alliance between a large political bloc [including Kurdish parties] and the Supreme Council - and about the overthrow and isolation of the Al-Dawa Party.


[Editor's Note: There is intense jockeying for Kurdish support between Prime Minister Maliki's Al-Dawa Party and Iraq's largest party, the Islamic Supreme Council. If al-Maliki loses out, he's likely to be toppled.]


What stood out about Monday's bombings is that now, even the most heavily-guarded aren't safe. The hotels that were destroyed were the permanent address for local and foreign media, of influential people in the global intelligence services, traders and the thieves of the new era [the post-Saddam era].



It was also a sign, that the blasts took place only a day after a scandal broke out over devices capable of detecting anything but explosives [see below], turning Interior Minister Jawad al-Bulani's emergency teams into ambulance crews unable to even transport corpses to the hospital amid the hysterical atmosphere. This exposed for the millionth time official failure to protect innocent souls, and the symbols of Baghdad.


[Editor's Note: According to The New York Times, Iraq’s security forces have been relying on a device to detect bombs and weapons that the U.S. military and technical experts say is useless. The small hand-held wand is being used at hundreds of checkpoints in Iraq. The Iraqi government has purchased more than 1,500 of the devices, known as the ADE 651 [photo, left], at costs from $16,500 to $60,000 each. Nearly every police checkpoint, and many Iraqi military checkpoints, have one of the devices, which are now normally used in place of physical inspections of vehicles.]



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Kitabat, Iraq: Chemical Ali and the Unfolding Fraud of Iraq's Elections


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There are many “inconvenient” questions about Iraq's crippled political arena:


-- Are these bombings further proof that the upcoming elections [March 7] are a deception, and that rather than actual poll results, what will be announced is the first press release of the new junta?


-- Are Baathists and Saddamists really behind Monday's bombings? Or is it Iran, which is struggling to escape international pressure over its nuclear program? Tehran may have wanted to keep the Americans busy and buy time, as well as create political chaos to further disconcert and confuse Iraqis clinging to power - and those who want it?


-- If “Baathists and Saddamists” are behind these explosions, were they somehow aware of the timing of Al-Majid's execution, carrying out a pre-emptive act of revenge?


One of a number of explosions to go off near major Baghdad hotels 

on the morning of January 25. At least 36 were killed.


-- If they [the Baathists and Saddamists] weren't aware of the timing of the execution, was news of Al-Majid’s hanging intentionally broadcast just hours after the bombings, in a foolish attempt to paint the attacks as “revenge” by the Baathists, because from the point of view of the occupation factions [pro-American Iraqi officials] - the Baathists were behind the bombings of major hotels in Baghdad?


-- If the Baathists didn’t know the timing of Al-Majid’s execution, and it was really them who carried out these bombings, that would means that … the next few days would see a series of bloody surprises, as revenge for the execution of a “member of the Revolutionary Command Council”!   



-- Was Al-Maliki, that stronghold of stupidity, simply trying to kill two birds with one stone? On the one hand, he announces news of the execution of Al-Majid in order to annoy and take revenge on the Baathists. On the other, he seeks to win the hearts of Kurds and encourage them to keep their promises about forming a national front after the "elections." There had been four previous execution orders issued against Al-Majid, yet Al-Maliki didn’t carry them out until after visits with Kurdish leaders Al-Hakim and Al-Barzani, and with the Americans. Additional visits are expected in the coming days.



-- It'll be just hours before the "spokesmen who is silent about the truth" [Syrian government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh] and the "trumpet of the occupation," [Iraqi spokesman Al-Maqsusi], announce “irrefutable evidence confirming that from the ground up, the bombings were the work of the Baath Party.” And more than likely, this time the fear of an angry United States will divert official comment away from criticizing Syria, especially since “Bashar” [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] has answered the initial feelers about returning to America's bosom during a visit to Saudi Arabia.



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