Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro meets Pope Benedict, in

Havana in March. Castro, even now years after his retirement

and although not in attendance at the Summit of the Americas,

was an overwhelming presence, nonetheless.



May Obama Be Able to Sleep with His Eyes Closed (Ahora, Cuba)


Did the Sixth Summit of the Americas, just held in Cartagena, Colombia, mark a turning point in the dying ember of ‘U.S. Empire?’ According to former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, writing for Cuba’s state-run media, ‘the images of the summit should be well preserved as an example of a disaster ... Their decadent and unsustainable empire has already earned the right to rest in peace.’


By Fidel Castro



Translated By Miguel Gutierrez


April 17, 2012


Cuba - Ahora - Original Article (Spanish)

Colombia President Santos walks on to a stage with weary-looking President Obama, at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, April 14.


AL-JAZEERA NEWS VIDEO: Is it time to end America's 'war on drugs'?, April 17, 00:25:37RealVideo

I carefully observed Obama at the famous “summit meeting.” At times he was overcome by weariness and had to involuntarily shut his eyes, but at other times, he slept with his eyes open.


The Cartagena Summit was not a meeting of badly-informed trade union presidents, but a meeting of official representatives from the 33 countries of the hemisphere. The overwhelming majority are demanding solutions to the most pressing economic and social problems affecting a region with the most unequal distribution of wealth in the world.


I do not wish to put my views ahead of the opinions of millions of people, all of whom are capable of making an objective and in-depth analysis of the problems of Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of our globalized world, in which a few have it all and the rest have nothing. But the system imposed on this hemisphere by imperialism, whatever name it goes by, is worn out and unsustainable.


In the immediate future, humanity will have to cope with, among other things, the problems associated with climate change, security and the production of food for an ever-expanding global population.


Excessive rainfall is affecting both Colombia and Venezuela. A recent analysis revealed that in March of this year, temperatures in the United States were four degrees hotter than the all-time average. The consequences of these changes, which are well known in the capitals of the leading European countries, are giving give rise to catastrophic problems for humanity.


The people expect their political leaders to provide clear solutions to these problems.


The Colombians, who hosted this disreputable summit, are a hardworking and self-sacrificing people who like anyone else, require the cooperation of their Latin American brothers and sisters, including Venezuelans, Brazilians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians and others, to accomplish what the Yankees, with their sophisticated weapons, their expansionism and their insatiable craving for material goods, will never be able to do. The visionary formula stated by José Martí is now more necessary than ever in history: “The trees must form into ranks to prevent the giant with boots seven-leagues deep from passing! It is the time to mobilize, to march together, and to move forward in tight ranks, like silver in the veins of the Andes.”


Far from the lucid, brilliant ideas of Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti, were the worn-out, saccharin and monotonously repeated words of the illustrious Nobel laureate [Obama], which he expressed during a ridiculous tour of the Colombian countryside and which I heard yesterday afternoon. They only served to remind us of speeches made during the Alliance for Progress 51 years ago, before the monstrous crimes that lashed this hemisphere had been committed, and when our country struggled not only for its right to independence, but for its right to exist as a nation.

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Obama spoke about the distribution of land, but he never specified how much land would be distributed – nor did he mention when and how.



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The Yankee multinationals will never give up their control over the land, water, mines and natural resources of our countries. Their soldiers should vacate their military bases and withdraw from each and every one of our territories. And they should renounce unequal trade and the plundering of our nations.


Perhaps CELAC [The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States] will become what it should be: a hemispheric political organization without the presence of the United States or Canada. Their decadent and unsustainable empire has already earned the right to rest in peace.


I think the images of the summit should be well preserved as an example of a disaster.


I will set aside the scandal attributed to the misconduct of members of the Secret Service, who are responsible for guaranteeing Obama’s personal security. I have always had the impression that the staff entrusted with the task is characterized by their professionalism. This is what I saw during my visits to the United Nations when they protected heads of state. Undoubtedly, they have protected Obama from those who, out of racial prejudice,would not hesitate to perpetrate an action against him.


May Obama manage to sleep with eyes closed, if only for a few hours, without having to be saddled him with the job of delivering a speech about the immortality of the crab at an unreal summit.


Fidel Castro Ruz

April 16, 2012




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