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Ad Dustour, Jordan

Christmas Day Terror Plot Looks Like a Set-Up


"The smell of the 'terrorism industry' reeks from accounts published about Nigerian Omar Farouk Abdul Muttalab … This is how a system that benefits from the fear mongering surrounding terror succeeds in restoring itself to the center of U.S. policy making."


By Hilmi Al Asmar



Translated By Nicolas Dagher


December 30, 2009


Jordan - Ad Dustour - Original Article (Arabic)

Troubled Youth: Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab has been charged by the United States with attempting to blow up an aircraft which was enroute from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Nigeria Minister of Information and Communications 'embarrassed' by suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Dec. 30, 00:01:01RealVideo

The smell of the “terrorism industry” reeks from accounts published about Nigerian Omar Farouk Abdul Muttalab's Christmas Day attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound airliner. A study of the story's details makes one unsure that the event happened as described and suggests that the scenario is a fabrication.


I'm no criminal investigator and am not privy to any inside information, but I suspect that the account was made up - and without much expertise or “professionalism.” I was reluctant about revealing such feelings until I read a posting on what purports to be an Internet site belonging to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - where the group takes credit for the operation. According to the site, al-Qaeda, which vows to slaughter Americans as a response to their "aggression" in Yemen, calls the incident one of its “achievements.”  



That statement alone is enough for policymakers to blame it on al-Qaeda, terrorism, and of course, Islam. This is how a system that benefits from the fear mongering surrounding terror succeeds in restoring itself to the center of policy making in the United States and among its allies. Following a reduction of operations they call "terrorist," this will bring the situation back to square one - where it stood after the September 11 attacks. Thus the U.S. will pass whatever policies it likes under the curtain, benefitting from the atmosphere of fear and intimidation that results. The terrorism industry is complex and has tentacles in many organizations. It invests huge sums in the private sector, which gives it the capacity to justify any policy it likes and intimidate and terrorize decision makers in Washington who carry the slogan of "change." They want to tell them: "The time for change hasn't come; terrorism is still at the height of its power."


No one can turn a blind eye to such a threat and it's impossible to prove that it's being manufactured, especially after al-Qaeda claimed responsibility - and without being able to certify the veracity of either the statement of the organization or whether the Web site belongs to al-Qaeda. So many weaknesses mar the story of the Nigerian - who was so quick to confess he was part of al-Qaeda - and after his family, suddenly, was very cooperative in proving the accusation against their young 23-year-old. For example, who can prove that the “explosives” he carried were more than silly “firecrackers” used during Christmas or those used by boys for fun?



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I've reviewed most of the published information about the incident, and the more I read the more I'm convinced that there are hidden forces at play, toying with the destinies of peoples, blackmailing their emotions, making obscene profits and gaining influence over decision makers. They stop in its tracks any change or breakthrough in human relations by investing in terror-phobia and emphasizing a link between this malady and Islam, so that everywhere on earth, Muslims remain fugitive and under scrutiny.



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