Vice President Biden receives award from Georgia President

Saakashvili in Tbilisi, Georgia, July 22. Much of Russia's media

has reported that he visited Ukraine and Georgia to dismiss or

pressure he and Ukraine's Victor Yushchenko to step down.



Yezhednevniy Zhurnal, Russia

Ossified Kremlin Misreads Biden Visit to Georgia and Ukraine


"Is it possible to find any hint of Biden 'firing' the presidents of Ukraine and Georgia on his visit? Of course yes - but only under certain conditions. And those conditions entail bathing in one's own delirium."


By Matvei Ganapolskiy


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


July 23, 2009


Russia - Yezhednevniy Zhurnal - Original Article (Russian)

Vice President Joe Biden is welcomed to Ukraine on a visit that according to the White House, is designed to encourage the growth of civil society in a key 'color revolution' country and calm nerves over 'resetting' relations with Russia. But many Russian analysts suspect his real aim was to tell leaders of both Ukraine and Georgia that it's time for them to go.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Vice President Biden tells Georgians that America supports them, even as Washington seeks better ties to Russia, July 23, 00:02:12RealVideo

On the topic of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine and Georgia, most analysts in Russia's official media claim that what's referred to ironically as the "Washington Province Party Committee,” plans to remove the Ukrainian president, as well as the Georgian one, from their posts. It is said they have failed to live up to the confidence placed in them.


[Editor's Note: The "Washington Obkom," which translates as the "Washington Province Party Committee," is a conspiratorial Russian expression that refers to a supranational group that secretly rules Russia and the post-Soviet States from Washington - with the help of unnamed Russian elites].


Of course, there's reason for this. Everyone quoted Vice President Biden's national security advisor, Tony Blinken: “Our hope is that these leaders who really, many of whom were part of inspiring not only their own people, but the entire region - the entire world - not so very long ago, will, in their day-in and day-out action, live up to the promise of the revolution and make the hard choices and work together.”


That's some quote. Even certain respectable media outlets, considering the source, concluded that Mr. Biden intended to explain to those presidents that they shouldn't cling to power and that its time to hand over the reins to others. What more “difficult decision,” could there be for a president than to relinquish his warm seat of power?


But ponder this and you'll see that Tony Blinken's comments can mean almost anything. And one can add that any decision a president takes at a time of crisis is “difficult,” especially if it concerns issues in the social sphere. And it's hard to imagine that among the promises a president would make would be to immediately resign when the country experiences difficulty - or under orders of the vice president of the “country in charge.”


In any case, Mr. Biden's schedule in Kiev didn't at all resemble a party committee session with all the inevitable activities that would entail: a visit to Holodomor Memorial and talks about investment, nuclear power and modernizing the gas system.


Then Mr. Biden and Mr. [President] Yushchenko went to a café. Of course, we might assume that the American visitor wanted to poison the Ukrainian president there, which is habitual for the latter [photo below]. But they both left the café together. By the way, people don't usually visit a café with others they want to fire.


Now-President Victor Yushchenko before and after the attempt

to poison him to death with dioxin during the 2004 election - the

climax of what is now known as the 'Orange Revolution.'


And then the U.S. vice president said: “I come to Kiev, Mr. President, with one simple, straightforward message that I don't want anyone to misunderstand. That is, the United States is committed to a strong … and prosperous Ukraine. Your success, Mr. President, we believe will be our success.” Simple words. The only problem is managing to “understand” them. With that, some leaders in neighboring countries [Russia] are having great difficulty.


Of course, perhaps these words are a typical part of “person-to-person diplomacy.” Perhaps. But let us accept that the Americans and we here in Russia - and the entirety of Europe - badly need a prosperous Ukraine rather than a nation coming to pieces. I think a unified Ukraine is indispensible to all of us - except for those who want to chop a piece of it off for themselves.


But there's another quote that may describe more specifically the goal of Biden's visit. Biden said: “Ukrainian politicians must cooperate in order to overcome the economic crisis, even under conditions of a presidential campaign … compromise is not a sign of weakness, it is evidence of strength.”


These words are right on point. “color leaders” still can’t learn to cooperate civilly with the opposition. And if you don’t "wish death on your neighbor’s cow," then isn't cooperation and sometimes even “peace enforcement” with your neighbor a highly respectable and necessary mission? That well and good. But in order for this to happen, the neighbor must be sure that such cooperation doesn't result in a part of its territory “coincidentally” declaring its independence. [Reference to the way Russian "peace keepers" overran Abkhazia and South Ossetia last year].


So is it possible to find any hint of Biden “firing” anyone on his visit? Of course yes - but only under certain conditions. And those conditions entail bathing in one's own delirium.


Which isn’t hard [for Russian leaders].


-- First, one must develop a hatred for all “color revolutions,” because one in your own country could threaten you personally.


-- Then you would have to listen to your insane advisers, who say that Yushchenko and Saakashvili are part of Washington's project, having forgotten whose project you are yourself.


-- Then you would wait many years until these “murderous regimes” are about to collapse [Georgia and Ukraine].


-- Then, tired of waiting, do all kinds of things to push the process of collapse and chop off a huge piece of its territory [reference to Russia's invasion of Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia].


-- Then, completely fail to comprehend the fact that the politeness that marked President Obama during his visit to Moscow isn't weakness, but indifference. "Here's the way it is: if you want to, come with us. If not, that’s your problem."


But Russia only understands systems of power that produced itself: there is a “first” and there is a “second.” And Russia is "first.” The implications of this model are clear: No summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States has ever attracted more than half of all their leaders.


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But the joys of insanity are so sweet. So if after Obama’s visit, the vice president comes to see the “color leaders,” he must be coming to “remove” them. Why else? In the Kremlin's way of thinking they can be removed - because in the first place, they were “designated.” How else? This is the thinking Russia is used to. Because here there are no elected officials - only designated ones. Any of them can be removed at a moment's notice.  



Now Mr. Biden’s is on the second part of his visit in Tbilisi (Georgia).


[Georgian President] Mikhail Saakashvili is disappointed. Speaking to the Georgian Parliament, he said he was frankly disappointment to say that the chances of joining NATO are "nearly dead,” and that a return of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is unlikely.


And that may in fact be how it is.


But is that why Moscow thinks Biden has come to beat someone already “on his knees?”


In Kiev, Joseph Biden said that the United States, "supports the entry of Ukraine into NATO - if the Ukrainian people express that desire. [translated quote]”


Against this backdrop, to believe Biden is visiting Georgia to "remove" Saakashvili, where they long ago expressed the wish to join NATO, is a self-deception.


It is a self deception of those who don't understand that for the Obama Administration, free elections and the legitimacy of the process are synonymous with a healthy country.


This kind of self deception is readily shared only by those who don’t grasp systems of power system different from their own archaic ones.


Such self-delusion pleases only those who believe that Russia is too great and prosperous to be governed by those who have been elected by the people.














































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