President Obama, participating in a YouTube/Google Plus town hall with

the public, had some tough questions about foreign intervention, and for

the first time acknowledged that America uses unmanned aircraft to kill

militants in Pakistan, a supposed ally.



The Nation, Pakistan

President Obama Finally Admits to the Obvious: Murderous Drone Attacks


"The fact is that only a small number of those killed were confirmed as militants, while the rest were civilians posing no danger to the 'U.S. and its citizens,' which is the cause of the drone strikes according to the American leader. … they have resulted in widespread public anger and resentment in Pakistan and are counterproductive to the purpose of the war on terror."




February 2, 2012


Pakistan - The Nation - Home Page (English)

Sri Lankan Muslims protest a NATO airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani troops, after Friday prayers in Colombo, Dec. 9, 2011.


AL-JAZEERA NEWS VIDEO: President Obama, in Google Plus/YouTube interview, admits to U.S. drone strikes, Feb. 1, 00:11:01.

President Barack Obama has at last acknowledged what has long been undisputed fact to even the most casual observer: CIA-operated drones have been carrying out missions in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. His claim that they targeted “al-Qaeda and its affiliates” and not civilians, however, raised more than a few eyebrows. After all, if all of the 2,661 people killed in the 303 drone attacks since 2001 were militants and their affiliates, the phenomenon of terrorism would have fizzled out long ago. The fact is that only a small number of those killed were confirmed as militants, while the rest were civilians posing no danger to the "U.S. and its citizens," which is the cause of the drone strikes according to the American leader. Mr. Obama made his remarks in a discussion with Web users on Google Plus and You Tube [watch excerpt in photo box]. Before that, U.S. officials had refused to talk about the drones in public.


Immediately after Mr. Obama owned up to the strikes, Amnesty International came out with a list of demands that America might find hard to meet. Amnesty wants to know how the United States has been monitoring civilian casualties and whether there was any system of accountability in place for those responsible for civilian deaths. These questions are quite logical and extremely pertinent. Unless such operations are monitored to determine just who is being killed, one cannot justifiably deny that civilian deaths have been regularly taking place. While welcoming the confirmation of the use of drones in Pakistan and calling it the “first step toward transparency,” Amnesty wanted to know details of those killed and the legal framework under which these attacks are being carried out.  



On the other hand, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit has reiterated that the drone missions are illegal and that they constitute a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Drone strikes have not only added another irritant to U.S.-Pakistan relations, but they have resulted in widespread public anger and resentment in Pakistan. Besides, they are counterproductive to the purpose of the war on terror, as Mr. Basit pointed out in his comments. He also said that Pakistan has made repeatedly made its own position abundantly clear to the U.S. Defense experts here have endorsed the contention of a former Pakistan chief of Air Staff that such pilot-less planes can be easily shot down. All that is needed is a government order to do so.



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The public has raised a hue and cry over these attacks, Corps commanders characterize them as “intolerable," and only Tuesday, Chief of Army Staff General Kayani said that the armed forces are fully-prepared to confront any challenge to the country.




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