Pakistan soldiers pay tribute to colleagues lost in Saturday's

NATO attack on a check post near the Afghan border. It is just

the latest incident serving to worsen already rough relations

between the two nations.



The Nation, Pakistan

Apologies Won't 'Wash Away' NATO's Crimes in Pakistan


"The halting of NATO supplies should be the starting point for a logical next step: the swift disengagement from America's so-called War on Terror."




November 27, 2011


Pakistan - The Nation - Original Article (English)

Pakistanis set alight the flags of NATO and the United States in Multan, Pakistan. The level of anger toward the United States in the country has ranged between irritation to complete rage. At the moment, the scales are definitely tipped toward the complete rage range of the spectrum.


EXPRESS TRIBUNE VIDEO: The scene at the Salala checkpost after NATO's unprovoked attack, Nov. 27, 00:01:22RealVideo

The ongoing crisis in Pakistan-U.S. relations has now spread to the rest of NATO. A NATO helicopter has attacked a Pakistan check post in Salala, Mohmand Agency, martyring no less than 25 Pakistani troops - including two officers. In the attack which took place in the wee hours of Saturday, the other 40 soldiers posted there were wounded. As a result, NATO supplies that pass through Pakistan were cut off by the Pakistan government. The government found itself forced to take a step it took last year when NATO helicopters killed two troops. Islamabad reversed that decision after 10 days when NATO apologized. And back then, incidents like the raid on Abbottabad [the killing of bin Laden], the Raymond Davis affair or Memogate hadn't yet occurred. Not only are the casualties much higher this time and involve officers of very high rank, but relations with the U.S. are bound to worsen. Initial doubts about the location of the border don't suffice to explain the incident, as the check post is no less than a mile and a half inside the border.  



It would be a mistake for Islamabad to even contemplate withdrawing the ban. It should also be noted that the militants that the Americans hold responsible for tension in the region have been fighting Pakistani armed forces because they are on the American side of the war on terror. Meanwhile, the militants never have inflicted casualties on the Americans like those Pakistan has suffered here in a single attack.




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To allow U.S. or NATO apologies to wash away their crimes as has occurred before, and therefore for NATO supplies to be permitted to flow as usual, would be an error. To contemplate a restoration would be to invite an even bigger disaster and would show that the government doesn't care for the lives of its soldiers. The government has already shown supreme indifference to the fate of its civilian citizens, but such casualness toward its military would be unprecedented.


The halting of NATO supplies should be the starting point for a logical next step: the swift disengagement from America's so-called War on Terror. The government thinks that adhering to the U.S. will allow it to continue in office, but it should disabuse itself of such a notion. It is up to Pakistan to show that it regards the lives of its own citizens with an importance equal to if not greater than some other nations.


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