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Whistleblower Helps Unravel America’s Afghan ‘Hoax’ (The Frontier Post, Pakistan)


“U.S. and NATO generals find it hard to digest the hard reality: the Taliban are not a ragtag militia. They are a war-hardened veteran fighting force. … This is what U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis is revealing to the American people.”




April 20, 2012


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

Photo from Ahmed Rashid's Taliban

Jalaluddin Haqqani, some time in the 1990s: A Pastun and a fierce leader of the resistance to Soviet occupation, he now leads a pro-Taliban group of fighters have been mounting increasingly effective attacks on U.S. and Afghan forces.


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As NATO ministers mull their Afghanistan venture at a Brussels jamboree, their Afghan hoax is coming apart. It isn’t just the Taliban spring offensive that has shattered the deception and deceit they have so cunningly woven about occupied Afghanistan. No less searing are the waves of whistle-blowing U.S. servicemen, like the Army colonel who has stunned people with revelations about his two tours of duty in Afghanistan – and about the blatant lies being persistently peddled about the Afghan War by U.S. generals to mislead their own people and troops.


Of course, the recent Taliban offensive was a real shocker. NATO generals had been talking tall about how they had broken the back of the Taliban insurgency and emasculated its fighting capacity. By hitting numerous targets deep inside and outside Kabul's high-security cordon simultaneously - and in secured NATO and Afghan bases around the country - the Taliban belied these boastful assertions. With this offensive, beyond a shred of doubt,  the Taliban have established that they are very much alive.


To wipe the beads of shame from their faces, the generals and their civilian allies have predictably fallen back on their usual bogeymen to take the rap for the debacle they created. According to them, the offensive smacked of professional expertise that could only be the work of the Haqqani Group, from its sanctuaries in Pakistan's tribal areas. But the Taliban have instantly rebutted this claim. Even if the Haqqani Group was a Taliban ally, their spokesmen insist the offensive was their responsibility, and that the Taliban had been preparing and rehearsing for it for the past two months.


In any case, U.S. and NATO generals find it hard to digest the hard reality: the Taliban are not a ragtag militia. They are a war-hardened veteran fighting force, fresh out of a multi-year fight with the Northern Alliance, which was bankrolled, armed and actively supported by a number of regional powers. Nor are Western commanders prepared to swallow the bitter fact that the Taliban enjoy widespread public support in their strongholds, and that their support base is quickly expanding.


Indeed, coalition generals misconstrue the absence of a Taliban frontal assault as the sign of debilitated fighting power. But pitched battles have never been the preferred Afghan strategy for confronting foreign invaders. It is with guerilla warfare that they vanquished the imperial British army and frustrated all of its campaigns to subjugate them. And it is with guerrilla warfare that they confronted the Soviet invaders. They harassed and tormented the Soviets into leaving the country in humiliation. And it is this same strategy that the Taliban are now wielding to humble and humiliate the U.S.-led invaders.


And they have done so with impressive success. The Dutch have already left, as have the Canadians. The French are packing up for an early departure and so are the Australians. In fact it wouldn’t be unimaginable any day now to see a scramble among the remaining occupiers to flee. By all accounts, while the occupying militaries are losing their appetite for battle, their people back home have lost all patience for the war. Even in United States, the war is increasingly becoming unpopular.

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But none of this dissuades occupation generals from painting a rosy picture that bears no resemblance at all to the prevalent ground realities. This is what U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis is revealing to the American people. In an unclassified dossier leaked to the media, he notes that U.S. army generals have deliberately misled the American people, Congress and the administration about the Afghan War effort. They have so distorted the truth in regard to conditions on the ground that the truth is impossible to make out.




Frontier Post, Pakistan: Whistleblower Unravels America’s Afghan ‘Hoax’

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He has also prepared and submitted an more devastating classified version of his dossier to Congress, urging it to hold hearings with the generals to find out the truth about the Afghan War. Indeed, there are many vital questions that have never been asked. Meanwhile, American generals have been accruing awards, promotions and plum post in their own army and within the NATO defense apparatus, even key ambassadorial postings for those touting heroic accomplishments in the Afghan War.


But there is a dark aspect to this deception. While the occupation armies and their Afghan allies have in fact lost the war, no peace agreement between Afghan factions seem in the offing. The Taliban are loath to work with President Hamid Karzai's government, and the Northern Alliance is unwilling to shake hands with the Taliban. Inevitably, a bloody and menacing civil war is staring Afghanistan in the face.




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