Pakistan Tribesmen attend a meeting called to protest U.S.

missiles strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas, July 4. It appears

that despite the mammoth amount of U.S. aid provided to

the country, more and more Pakistanis are concluding that

they would be better off without it.



The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Just Say 'Thank You' to Cut in American Aid


"We would be far better off without this mythical U.S. aid. They have already shoved us into hell for a pittance. And with that pittance, they want to push our hand into another inferno. … Pakistan leaders must say to the Americans: thank you for stopping your aid; now leave us alone to clear up the cruel mess you have created with your spectacular collapse in Afghanistan."




July 11, 2011


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

Photo from Ahmed Rashid's Taliban

Jalaluddin Haqqani, some time in the 1990s: A Pastun and a fierce leader of the resistance to Soviet occupation, he now leads a pro-Taliban group of fighters that Pakistan would rather talk to than fight.


EXPRESS TRIBUNE, PAKISTAN: Pakistan threatens to withdraw forces from border near Afghanistan if U.S. cuts $800 million in aid, July 11, 00:01:06RealVideo

This stoppage in American military aid should come as no surprise. A debt-ridden America hasn't only been making a scapegoat of Pakistan for its own failures in its costly lost Afghan war, but it has relentlessly been twisting Islamabad's arm to get Pakistan to stick its neck out again and somehow pull America's chestnuts from the Afghan fire.


But how can one speak of Pakistan, when not even the world’s greatest armies can bail America out of its quagmire. Pakistan has enough on its own plate to contend with due to America’s foibles, failures and shenanigans in Afghanistan. And Pakistan's overextended military can't handle the additional weight of launching an operation into North Waziristan, which is what America's warlords are demanding.


The perfidy of this U.S. demand beggars the imagination. The U.S. contends that this tribal agency serves as sanctuary for the Haqqani Taliban Network and its al-Qaeda allies, from where they plan and launch attacks on Americans and coalition forces in Afghanistan. But this is a huge deceit - a great lie. In fact, the Haqqanis command the unstinting support of every tribe in eastern Afghanistan. All are entirely under its sway. They hardly need "safe havens" for planning or staging attacks. They have bases inside the region. They plan their actions there and they launch their attacks from there. And they do so without hindrance or obstruction, as practically the entire region is outside the control of the occupying armies.


If, indeed, they actually deem the Haqqani Network the only irritant left for achieving success in Afghanistan, then why haven't they secured the rest of the region yet? It was just the other day that their commanding general, David Petraeus, declared that coalition forces would move in to subdue and capture the region. Only after that could the U.S. plausibly and legitimately claim that North Waziristan is the redoubt of the Haqqani group.


As for the present, their assertion amounts to nothing more that outright skullduggery. In any case, thanks to the ineptitude and lackadaisicalness of leaders in Islamabad, who hate to speak up even when this country, its leaders, its institutions, its military and its intelligence agencies are vilified, demonized and pilloried by the aliens, the U.S. is getting away with this monkeyshine unscathed and unharmed.


Thanks to this inept government, the America myth of $20 billion in U.S. aid remains just that - an unbroken and unraveled myth. Nothing approximating such a sum has been provided to Pakistan over the long ten-year period that this country has been roped into the patently-false U.S.-led war on terror. And whatever has come Pakistan's way was mostly in the form of reimbursements for what this nation has spent from its own treasury on this American war. And quite a hefty sum of that imbursement remains clogged in the American bureaucracy for repayment.      




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Over the same period, on account of this deceitful war, Pakistan has suffered economic losses ranging to a staggering $68 billion. Meanwhile, human losses and injuries that this country has incurred are in the thousands. The schisms that this disingenuous war has created in our national unity, cohesion and solidarity are an unbearable and painful addition.


Indeed, by every consideration, we would be far better off without this mythical U.S. aid. They have already shoved us into hell for a pittance. And with that pittance, they want to push our hand into another inferno. Not even posterity would forgive Islamabad if it fails to muster the pluck it needs and stand up. It must say to the Americans: thank you for stopping your aid; now leave us alone to clear up the cruel mess you have created with your spectacular collapse in Afghanistan. The prime minister is more than welcome to continue attending July 4 celebrations here in their Islamabad embassy and in their consulates in minor cities. But he must allow the nation to rid itself from the U.S. stranglehold that is bleeding Pakistan white and ultimately, will bleed it completely dry.


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