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Obama Withdrawal Plans 'Spell Doom' for Pakistan


"It may play well with Obama’s political objectives and his plans to stand again for the presidency, but it will certainly do him no good coping with the Afghan insurgency. … It may fit President Obama’s goals, but it spells doom for Pakistan."




June 25, 2011


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President delivers his long-awaited address on the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, which dissapointed hawks and doves alike. Watch video below.

C-SPAN VIDEO, U.S.: President Obama addresses Americans on his plan to withdrawal U.S. troops from Afghanistan, June 22, 00:13:40RealVideo

So the United States is now to fight its Afghan war in Pakistan and not Afghanistan. That is clearly the upshot of President Barack Obama’s Wednesday announcement of a plan to draw down U.S. forces in Afghanistan. After untenably asserting that the drawdown was beginning “from a position of strength,” he warned that he wouldn't tolerate safe havens for terrorists in Pakistan. The implication is quite obvious. Henceforth, it is Pakistan that is to receive most of the punishment for a war that America's commanders, their political bosses and their allies have so-terribly botched that even a troop surge has failed to retrieve it.


In all likelihood, in days ahead Pakistan is in for intensified U.S. drone attacks and more ground raids, particularly in its tribal areas, especially the North Waziristan Agency. President Obama may wane lyrical about the surge having dented the Taliban insurgency. But at best he could only self-interestedly have said such a thing. The ground realities definitely don't support such effusion. The surge may have led to increased killings of insurgents, but the insurgency has in no way been diminished. The insurgents are fighting on relentlessly, even daring the occupation forces in their fortified citadels and springing out of their strongholds in the south and east to expand into the north and west.


The surge aimed at securing the major population centers. Two years down the road, the occupiers can't credibly claim to having secured even one locale in the insurgency-blighted region. They had at first touted Marjah as being the showpiece of their surge’s success. Yet they only tenuously hold this cluster of villages by doling out dollars to local warlords in huge wads to buy peace. Kandahar they claim to have brought under their thumb. But it remains as restive as before, experiencing lethal strikes by insurgents on targets including the security establishment, regional police headquarters and intelligence offices. The city also witnessed a major jail break that ended in the flight of scores of insurgent commanders and fighters.


Even the much-ballyhooed Taliban reintegration program has come a cropper. Not even 2,000 gunmen have surrendered, whereas the occupiers estimate the insurgents numbering from 25,000 to 40,000. And, bewilderingly enough, the bulk of surrenders have come in Tajik-dominated regions, raising the suspicion that these were anything but genuine surrenders, and instead, fakery to obtain money and jobs.    



The same goes for the post-surge campaign to raise local police forces. This, too, has taken off mostly in the relatively peaceful north and west, rather than in the troubled southern and eastern regions.



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Indeed, there is much perfidy about this drawdown. It is dubious, to say the least. It may play well with Obama’s political objectives and his plans to stand again for the presidency, but it will certainly do him no good coping with the Afghan insurgency. In any case, from the beginning they have fought their Afghan war with lies, deceit and false pretences, making a scapegoat of Pakistan for their ineptness and unwillingness to fight.


These days, the Americans make much of Osama bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad. Undoubtedly, this is major slur on the face of Pakistani intelligence and law-enforcement agencies for being ignorant of his presence. But the key question is why he was free in the first place. Hadn’t the U.S.-led invaders attacked Afghanistan to dismantle his terrorist network and capture him dead or alive? Why did they fail to achieve this war objective of theirs? And if the Afghan Taliban of the Haqqani group and their al-Qaeda allies are holed up in North Waziristan, the question again arises: why didn't the invaders corral them in Afghanistan after the Taliban’s ouster; and why did the U.S. permit them sneak into the Pakistani territory? And why is that U.S. drones, which are so “unsparing” of al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists on Pakistani territory, have yet to strike any of 100 or so al-Qaeda terrorists embedded with the Haqqani group inside Afghanistan - which is what Western strategists assert?


Indeed, there is much skullduggery in this drawdown. It may fit President Obama’s own goals, but it spells doom for Pakistan - notwithstanding the few customary platitudes he sprinkled here and there in his announcement. And these were likely said only to soften his stern warning, which he is sure to follow up on - if only to look credible to his electorate. But it will do no good in terms of coping with a war that the U.S.-led occupiers have decidedly lost in Afghanistan.

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