Khateeja al-Mousawi, wife of Bahrain human rights activist Abdul

Hadi Khawaja during a demonstration outside a court in Bahrain's

capital of Manama, Nov. 21, 2004. Amid today's uprising against

the nation's absolute monarchy, his case, which went to trail May

11, has become a rallying cry for the pro-democracy movement.

He and 14 others are charged with seeking to topple the regime.



Tehran Times, Iran

West Uses bin Laden's Death to Distract from Bahrain Atrocities


Is the United States masking atrocities being committed in its name in Bahrain by excessively celebrating the death of the world's one-time leading terrorist, Osama bin Laden? According to Mojtaba Sadeghian, writing for Iran's strictly controlled Tehran Times, the crimes of the Bahrain royal family and its Saudi ally highlight the continuing hypocrisy of U.S. claims to be the beacon of peace and justice.


By Mojtaba Sadeghian


May 10, 2011


Islamic Republic of Iran - Tehran Times - Home Page (English)

Iraqis in Baghdada demonstrate in favor of Bahrainis fighting their regime for freedom and democracy, April 23.


PRESS TV VIDEO [State-Run]: 'Reality check' on the death of Osama bin Laden death, May 7, 00:13:51RealVideo

Mainstream media outlets in the United States are celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden, while trying to convince the world that America has now established the justice everyone was waited so long for. At the same time, with Washington's tacit approval, the repression of the Bahraini people is continuing.


The death of the al-Qaeda leader provided an opportunity for U.S. President Barack Obama to appear on television and speak of America's version of justice, which allegedly has now been established after years and years of counterinsurgency operations in the mountains and villages of Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Yet to establish this so-called justice and restore order, unimaginable suffering had to be imposed on the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas [FATA]. But everyone knows there's no justice or order in Afghanistan or FATA.


So now the discussion about justice is over. The topic has changed. Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, nothing else matters to U.S. officials.


It's been more than three months since the violence in Bahrain began. The security forces of the Al Khalifa royal family and troops from Saudi Arabia are killing innocent people, and nary a peep is heard from the global community. America remains silent because its interests are being served by the Saudis, and the general public in the Western world is being kept distracted by the death of Bin Laden. So there's no time to speak of Bahrain and whether or not justice matters.



The Al Khalifa family has ruled Bahrain as absolute monarchs for decades and is backed by Saudi Arabia, a key regional ally of the United States. And it was recently reported that the Pentagon's biggest military contract in its history was signed with Saudi Arabia. The value of the contract is estimated to be over $60 billion. Stockholders of the U.S. military-industrial complex are making money and are indifferent to the fact that Bahrain's security forces and Saudi troops are committing atrocities on a small island in the Persian Gulf, which is also base for the U.S. Navys Fifth Fleet.



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Thus, no response is the best response. U.S. officials want to maintain ties with their strategic ally, which is also the worlds largest oil producer, and they don't care what happens to the Bahraini people. Bahrain is another clear example of the double-standards that the U.S. follows in dealing with global issues and the very issue of justice itself.


Apparently, for American officials, celebrating the death of a terrorist like bin Laden is much more important than the lives and futures of hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis. While attempting to give the world the impression that it's the standard-bearer of peace and justice, America's hypocrisy has been exposed in Bahrain and countless other places, where U.S. actions actually promote injustice and war.


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