Members of the Bilderberg Group are rumored to be descending

today on the luxurious Suvretta House in St. Moritz, Switzerland.



Suedostschweiz, Switzerland

MPs Call for Arrests of Kissinger, Cheney, Bush at 2011 Bilderberg Conference


"Bilderberg participants from states that are currently waging war throughout the world, organizing killings, and purposely engendering and nurturing terrorism are a serious threat to all of Switzerland's people, and should not be welcomed by them. Such a risk of assassinations and discredit to Swiss neutrality and independence should not be tolerated."


-- Swiss National Council Representative Dominique Baettig


June 6, 2011


Switzerland, Suedostschweiz - Original Article (German)

Along with the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the Zionists, the Bilderberg Group is a member of that august club of organizations that in the minds of conspiracy theorists around the world, are at the helm of global affairs. This year, the group is rumored to be meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and some Swiss officials are calling for the arrests of participants.


ALEX JONES SHOW: Famed conspiract theorist Alex Jones calls for mass demonstration of the 2011 Bilderberg Conference, 00:06:18, June 9.RealVideo

St. Moritz: For some it is a kind of “world government,” for others, it's simply an outdated, elitist discussion group. But one thing is clear: the participants are influential figures from politics, the nobility and the military, as well from political, economic, and media circles.


Bilderberg is the name of a hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland, where the group first gathered in 1954 to strengthen relations between Western Europe and the United States. Since then, many rumors and wild conspiracy theories have sprung up around its meetings.


Although the list of participants is published after the event, the Bilderberg Club is discreet, and there are no information leaks to the outside. Former Justice Minister Christoph Blocher once tried to deflate speculation when he said of these conferences that he had "never seen anything more harmless."


Each guest list of over 100 participants is peppered with the names of prominent individuals. Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has been on the list several times; Bill Clinton took part, as did Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, former Italian President Romano Prodi, and former German Chancellors Helmut Schmidt, Helmut Kohl, and Gerhard Schroeder.


Leading Swiss banker Josef Ackermann is also a repeat participant, as is chairman of the board of Novartis, Daniel Vasella, who attended the meeting last year in Spain.


Whether the Bilderberg Group will actually meet in St. Moritz - which would be the fifth time on Swiss soil - hasn't been confirmed. Inquiring where the event will supposedly take place at the luxury hotel Suvretta House leads nowhere. The head of reception asserted that all he could tell us was that the hotel would be open on June 25th.


The minister of justice of Graubünden, Barbara Janom-Steiner, confirmed that she and Graubünden Senate President Martin Schmid were invited. Also confirmed was the fact that the canton of Graubünden will be responsible for the protecting “persons protected under international law.”


St. Moritz residents probably won’t much notice the event. No barricades or traffic congestion are expected in town. According to the Graubünden Police Department, there might be a slight increase in traffic due to the arrival and departure of conference attendees.




However, in the Engadine region, the conference of the powerful and influential will not go unnoticed. On Friday evening at the Hotel Randolins, not far from the luxury accommodations of Suvretta House, an informational event is planned entitled “Free Switzerland - where are we headed?” The topic is the Bilderberg Group and its influence. At the event, co-sponsored by the Young SVP (Swiss Peoples’ Party), Swiss National Council members Lukus Reimann and Pirmin Schwander will appear. In the SVP, there are sharp critics of the Bilderberg Group. Dominique Baettig, National Council representative for the canton of Jura, has been firing on all cylinders for months and has submitted a parliamentary inquiry regarding the Bilderberg conference. [Read his letter to the Swiss justice minister below].



On the other side of the political spectrum, the Young Socialists have called for a “democratic convention.” The rally, approved by local authorities, is to take place on Saturday afternoon in the St. Moritz town square. David Roth, president of the Young Socialists and Lukas Horrer, chairman of the Young Socialists for Graubünden, are slated to speak.


Swiss National Council calls for the arrest of participants


According to a letter on the Bilderberg conference addressed to Simonetta Sommaruga, a National Council member and head of the Jura Police Department, Jura representative Dominique Baettig is calling for the arrest of conference participants who are internationally wanted for war crimes (George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, and Richard Perle). Based on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, such action is called for when a country makes a referral or response to an initiative by the U.N. Security Council, or by its own prosecuting authority.



The following is an excerpt from an e-mail sent on May 9th by National Council Representative Dominique Baettig to Justice Minister Barbara Janom-Steiner:


Dear Mrs. Janom-Steiner,


I write to you as a citizen in a democracy to inform you, as the responsible government representative, of my concerns referenced above.


Therefore, it would be good if you would first familiarize yourself with my letter to Federal Counselor Simonetta Sommaruga, and then, after appropriate consultation with Federal Prosecutor Erwin Beyeler, take all necessary measures, should certain Bilderberg participants - at least Messieurs Bush, Kissinger, Cheney, Perle, etc. - seek to avoid a “Bush-Cointrin” or a “Polansky-Kloten” scenario, to arrest these individuals at Samedan or St. Moritz Airports for potential delivery into the hands of the various courts of jurisdiction (The Hague, etc.).


[Editor's Note: Kloten and Cointrin are both Swiss communities with international airports. National Council Representative Dominique Baettig's reference to "Bush-Cointrin" and “Polansky-Kloten” alludes to the arrest of Roman Polanski in 2009. However, former President Bush canceled a fundraising visit to Switzerland in February out of concern that he would be picketed and perhaps arrested.]


It would also be appropriate if you informed “private” participants (as opposed to Bilderbergers Merkel, Barosso, Van Rompuy, Hillary Clinton, Trichet, Lamy, Strauss-Kahn, Bernanke, etc.), such a Couchepin and Vasella as well as CEOs from the banking, economic and media sectors (Ackermann, Gates, Rockefeller, Ringier, NZZ.) of the fact that they are not entitled to taxpayer-funded diplomatic protection under international law.


They should not be permitted access to the (Suvretta?) Hotel or the security perimeter of St. Moritz! This is even more appropriate, since most of them were never democratically elected and are therefore not democratically accountable. Reports of such meetings are never published or made transparent.  



Bilderberg participants from states that are currently waging war throughout the world, organizing killings, and purposely engendering and nurturing terrorism are a serious threat to all of Switzerland's people, and should not be welcomed by them. Such a risk of assassinations and discredit to Swiss neutrality and independence should not be tolerated.


Simply put: Will you prohibit the organizers from holding any such conference in St. Moritz?


We await your reply.



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