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The Pope and the Terrorist: Two Misguided Beatifications


"Thanks to the strict condemnation of condoms in the fight against AIDS - and the lie propagated by the Vatican that 'rubbers' would spread sexual diseases even further - thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, may have died. In other words, more than even bin Laden ever murdered."


By Patrick Etschmayer


Translated By Ulf Behncke


May 2, 2011


Switzerland - News - Original Article (German)

A tapestry of the late Pope John Paul II is unveiled on the facade of St. Peter's basilica at the Vatican on the occassion of his beatification - one step before his canonization, May 1. In his own way, was he responsible for more deaths than Osama bin Laden?


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Over recent days, two faces from the past caught up with us and nearly ran us over. First, Karol Wojtyla, better known as John Paul II, who was beatified; and Osama bin Laden, the terrorist prince who, since 2001, has put his terror stamp on the new decade, and was just killed in Pakistan by a team of U.S. Navy Seals.


For some people, the two personify two opposite poles of human nature. For others, the hero of Catholicism and the prince of darkness are unlikely brothers in spirit. The author must confess that he sees himself as part of the latter group.


Both bin Laden as well as Wojtyla stood for an uncompromising faith and the battle against the godless, despite employing utterly different means which, if nothing else, were based on their own points of view. In bin Laden's case, he was only able to draw upon a numerically small group with which he - unsuccessfully - attempted to trigger a global revolution.


The terror of bin Laden and an al-Qaeda that was inspired by him was and is - as was just shown again in Morocco - ruthless and blind as far as individual victims are concerned, yet brutally calculating in its hatred when it came to indiscriminately targeting certain groups.


This indiscriminate killing, which at its height culminated in the attack on the World Trade Center and has since been replicated time and again the world over, will for long be inseparably tied to the billionaire's son bin Laden, even though he's been nothing more but a criminal on the lamb in recent years, who wanted to preserve his dwindling influence in the world by issuing Internet messages to his fans.


Just how much he's considered yesterday's news is reflected in the entire Arab democracy movement, which has overtaken the fundamentalists and reduced them to helpless and degraded would-be free riders. In fact, being killed by the Americans was likely the only thing that could have saved the aging, kidney-disease addled terrorist from being relegated to the dustbin of history.


Karol Wojtyla, however, is still spoken of by a seemingly growing number of fans who were anxious to accelerate his beatification, and who know how indispensable propaganda is for the Catholic Church - and that his canonization is just around the corner.


Poland's successful struggle against communism and massive Vatican support for the trade union Solidarity are to this day largely attributed to Wojtyla. The fact that this support materialized on the back of fraud, murder, fascist secret orders and criminals - think the Banco Ambrosiano scandal - is mercifully forgotten in the current reporting. Wojtyla operated like a politician with nerves of steel, unscrupulously pursuing his party's agenda. The fact that two key figures who could have blown the whistle were murdered (Roberto Calvi and Michele Sindona) is therefore significant.



The beatification is even more absurd in light of the fact that, thanks to the strict condemnation of condoms in the fight against AIDS - and the lie propagated by the Vatican that "rubbers" would spread sexual diseases even further - thousands, if not tens of thousands of people, may have died. In other words, more than even bin Laden ever murdered. And that's to say nothing of the inadvertent boost to an already exploding rate of population growth, which is a great burden for the African continent - and is certainly to the liking of bin Laden and his fundamentalists.


Also paradoxical is the fact that among other things, the current abuse crisis, which the Church is trying to rid itself of with the beatification of Wojtyla, was in no small part brought about by him, when on April, 30 2001, he signed a letter assuring that existing abuse cases wouldn't be handed over to the appropriate authorities, but would rather be referred to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and would further be subject to pontifical secrecy. There, under the leadership of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Wojtyla's successor, the cases were buried in the very depths of the Vatican. The fact that things grew ugly and exploded into public made the beatification of the "People's Pope" all the more important.


All of which lends the paradox a certain logic - and the present as a coherent continuation of the past.


This is exactly what the U.S. has now done. The satisfaction of having killed bin Laden is understandable and certainly an asset for Obama in the next election. But strategically, it would likely have been more useful to slip some poison to the terrorist lord and kill him silently, since his death was in the national interest. In any case, it is absurd to argue that one defended the rule of law by assassinating him, rather than affording him due process. But trying Osama in court wouldn't have been the valuable piece of propaganda that his assassination was. As far as propaganda goes, a trial would have been very difficult to exploit on the "home front."


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