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Note to Obama: Don't Bargain with Your 'Political Assassins'


"Instead of seizing a historical opportunity after his election, as Roosevelt did in 1933 with the New Deal, Obama sat at the same table and discussed marriage with his political assassins for two years. Of course, he did so with precisely the level of success we thinking folks predicted."


By Regula Staempfli



Translated By Stephanie Martin


October 25, 2010


Switzerland - News - Original Article (German)

Fake news makes the news: The crowd joins in the ant-outrage outrage at Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert march to Restore Sanity and/or Fear at the National Mall in Washington, Oct. 30.


AL-JAZEERA VIDEO: Jon Stewart takes on the anger in America, Oct. 30, 00:02:44RealVideo

On October 30th, to show America and the world that the land of the revolution and rags-to-riches careers hasn't been lost in the morass of Goldman Sachs and the tea cup of racist Sarah Palin and Co., political satirist Jon Stewart, who I’ve fervently admired for years, will march hand in hand to the Lincoln Memorial with nearly Dadaist cynic Steven Colbert. Considering the dumbing-down, weapons glorification, and contempt for humanity shown by populist racist right-wing radio stations and Fox TV since the non-election of the world’s worst president, George W., this presents a small glimmer of hope.


But it's exceedingly tiny. And president “yes, we cannot” Obama isn't entirely without blame. After all, if the companies he rescued, banks he saved and restored perfectly, multinational companies he didn't punish, pharmaceutical companies he coddled and Wall Street bankers he himself appointed to government are handing out millions to his political opponents with the goal of restoring power to the political forces which drove America and the world to the brink of ruin - then one must speak of blame with respect to Obama.


Instead of seizing a historical opportunity after his election, as Roosevelt did in 1933 with the New Deal, Obama sat at the same table and discussed marriage with his political assassins for two years.   



Of course, he did so with precisely the level of success we thinking folks predicted (see also Paul Krugman or Joseph Stiglitz): assassins want to kill you - not marry you. Instead of discussing acceptable bonus numbers with former Goldman Sachs employee Timothy Geithner, Obama should have read more history. “Shambles” is a fair term for the state in which the U.S. and in no small measure Europe, now finds themselves after two years of the Obama Administration.


Significant wins are predicted for Republican and Tea Party candidates in the coming elections. Almost as significant as approval for the Expulsion Initiative (expelling foreign nationals who break the law) sponsored by the SVP (Swiss People’s Party) or predictions of an SVP election win - which is fast beginning to look like tea á l’Americaine. The Tea Party and the Republicans, just like the FDP (Free Democratic Party) along with the CVP (Christlichdemokratische Volkspartei) and the SVP, are using exactly the same election platform that took the U.S., the world, and therefore Switzerland, to the edge of the abyss. Taxes will be lowered even more, deregulation will be universally applied and general goods will be sold to the highest bidder, whether it be China, Russia, Brazil or India (sale of islands, companies, common lands, castles, state enterprises, ports, universities, hospitals, etc.).




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In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and East Germany was sold lock, stock and barrel. In 2008 capitalism fell, and now the entire world is being sold off to a monopolistic, global state capitalism. Everything is for sale: Our dignity, for starters, then our jobs, then our bank accounts, then our social networks, our educational system has long since been gone, and finally our bodies - and if necessary - even those of our children. Delocalized thanks to the inaction of President Hope, the largest financial institutions and most influential media and university conglomerates now dance around the globe with greater audacity than ever before. Meanwhile, control means not only over the means of production, but over our public moneys, even over our existence (see bets against Greece) - in addition to having international law at their disposal (see bailouts).


Those, like Obama, who forget to reform instead of just preserving shouldn’t be surprised that the guilty don’t pay the price for their own failures - but that we all pay. Instead of putting his money on the decent and engaged, radical change and his own Democrats, Obama (typical for the center-left) first courted his political opponents. With the result that we’ve long expected: If asked, turkeys will always vote for Christmas.



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