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Olympic Champ says Plushenko 'Has Nothing to Complain About!'


"Both of Evgeni's triple lutzes were borderline. the quality of his performance leaves much to be desired. It is very upsetting, but we have no right to be angry. We very much wanted Evgeni to win. That's why it is very hard to be objective."


-- Olympic pairs skating champion Irina Rodnina


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


February 21, 2010


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Figure skater Evgeny Plushenko: He and many Russians believe that the Olympic judging system was unfair, but at least one former Russian champion disagrees.


RUSSIA TODAY VIDEO: Russian figure Skater Evgeny Plushenko says he, and not his American competitor, should have won the gold in Vancouver; says U.S. figure skating is 'dying', Feb. 19, 00:02:07RealVideo

Moscow: Legendary Olympic champion Irina Rodnina explains Plushenko's defeat at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.


Despite talk that Evgeny Plushenko was judged unfairly at the Vancouver Olympic Games, multiple Olympic champion in pairs figure skating, Irina Rodnina, told LifeSports that the results were, as they say, according to the game. Let us recall that Evgeni Plushenko won the silver medal at the Olympics, with the gold going to American Evan Lysacek. Lysacek surpassed the emperor, as Plushenko was nicknamed by the North American press, without a quadruple jump in his arsenal.


Irina Rodnina: Speaking only of how clean the skating was, Lysacek was of course better. If we talk of the quality of skating, speed and coherence, the American looked better in these areas as well. Evgeni had one big advantage - the quadruple jump - but at the same time, in the performance of our champion, there were enough small errors that weren't noticeable to all. Lysacek, meanwhile, had a winning appearance, a balanced program, all elements carefully woven into his program, logically. And Evgeni, it was especially obvious in the second half, was skating from jump to jump.



LifeSports: Yes - and even those, it seemed, were about to fall apart


Irina Rodnina: Both of Evgeni's triple lutzes were borderline. Technically, this is a very difficult element and you could give him a check for that. But the quality of his performance leaves much to be desired.


Undoubtedly, everything was great, but Evgeni didn't have enough passion drive. And passion is exactly what we saw in his performance in Turin. Those were spectacular programs.


LifeSports: But Evgeni fought hard and really wanted to win.


Irina Rodnina: Yes, we must give him his due (Rodnina smiled). Both in the short and the free program, he displayed a fighting spirit. And I really love people who fight. And reproaching Evgeni isn't what we want. Perhaps he simply chose to prepare too little for the Olympic Games. (Plushenko returned after taking a two year break from skating) I dont know. Physically, he got into shape, but there's no longer that former ease, even in his gliding. And as we know, from a champion - more is expected.



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LifeSports: So there shouldn't be any indignance over second place as opposed to first?


Irina Rodnina: It is very upsetting, but we have no right to be angry.


LifeSports: Everything is correct, then?


Irina Rodnina: Unfortunately, yes (Irina Konstantinovna almost whispered). But we very much wanted Evgeni to win. That's why it is very hard to be objective.


LifeSports: What kind of impression did Artem Borodulin make on you? (photo, right)



Irina Rodnina: It's truly fortunate that boys like this emerge in Russian figure skating. There are four years until the Sochi Games, and now it's important to keep this boy and assist with his professional growth.


LifeSports: Artyom once admitted that he wanted to skate on the same level as Evgeni Plushenko, and then surpass him. Do you think he will?


Irina Rodnina: He has everything he needs to do it. The main thing is not to lose him, and to cultivate him as a champion for Sochi.



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