Family members mourn the deaths of three male relatives said

to have been killed by U.S. Marines for failing to stop their car

at a checkpoint, in Baghdad, April 10, 2003.



Turning Evil into Righteousness: America's 'Crimes' Against Iraq (Kitabat, Iraq)


"We're not saying anything new when we tell the truth about the emergence of a powerful elite known as the United States of America, which has built its foundations on the skulls of millions of indigenous inhabitants - according to some sources, hundreds of millions. ... The paroxysm of evil committed by America's elites began long before its savage forces were unleashed so violently against Iraqis. ... now that elite, which committed these unimaginable crimes, boasts as if it did something righteous."


By Abdallah Abbas


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


April 12, 2013


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

A girl cries as British tanks move into Basra in April 2003


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Correspondent John Simpson asks if Iraq has a future, Mar. 25, 00:06:32 RealVideo

There is logic to the Iraqi saying, “The elite who run America never die because they have no shame.”


While reading the [2003] report, America's Nation-Building Role from Germany to Iraq, I recalled the immortal words of Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him): "When the righteous are silent about oppression, the oppressors convince themselves they are right."


In the preface, the author says the report drew on the most significant experiences of nation-building undertaken by the United States since the end of World War II. The aim of this documentary work is to analyze and deduct from the best experience that the United States had in nation building in the post-World War II era. The strangest line in the report emphasizes the arrogance of America's elite in a world characterized by the violent and brutal imposition of their influence based on false pretexts. The sentence states: "It now seems clear that nation-building is the inescapable responsibility of the world’s only superpower. Once that recognition is more widely accepted, there is much the United States can do to better prepare itself to lead such missions. …!?”


The report boasts of America's role in rebuilding Germany, Japan, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and finally Iraq. As far as Iraq, the least that can be said is that America lied. It did not nothing to rebuild it, and since the 1990s, this "liberator" has kept Iraq and its people shackled under Chapter VII [of the U.N. Charter]!


[Editor's Note: Under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, the Security Council authorized military action against Iraq and imposed punishing sanctions, which include reparations to be paid by Iraq to Kuwait as a result of its invasion].


The history of Japanese civilization is thought to date from 560 BC. It is recorded that its first civilized central government was established in 220 BC. When the hand of America's civilization of destruction arrived during World War II, with intensive air raids consisting largely of incendiary bombs, U.S. forces destroyed 16 square miles of Tokyo, killed 100,000 civilians in a single day, and displaced a million more. During the war, 64 Japanese cities were bombed and two nuclear bombs were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After those massacres, proudly referring to American culture, President Harry Truman said, the "world is within our reach [translated quote]."


Among the list of war crimes American forces are accused of, is the rape of Japanese women after the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. After the Japanese surrendered, 1336 rapes were reported in the first ten days of the prefecture's occupation.


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Anyone with a modicum of cultural or political awareness and who has a feel for evaluating current events, questions the veracity of many contemporary published accounts. This is especially the case upon reading the lies and twisted facts covering the actions of U.S. forces outside of their country. One must consider many of the books documenting events in the modern world as an attempt by these great monsters to record what they did to achieve domination as interventions to save humankind! We're not saying anything new when we tell the truth about the emergence of a powerful elite known as the United States of America, which built its foundations on the skulls of millions of indigenous inhabitants - according to some sources, hundreds of millions.


At one point [late 1700s], this executive elite decided to offer a bonus of $40 for every Indian warrior scalp and $40 for every captive. Later the bonus rose to $100 for ever Indian warrior - and $50 for the scalps of women or children. In 1830, to legally dislodge Native Americans and force them westward in order to give their land to settlers, the Indian Removal Act was passed and more than 70,000 Indians were displaced - with many dying along what was historically known as the Trail of Tears.


In 1763, a U.S. commander distributed to the natives blankets infected with smallpox, with the aim of spreading disease among them. That resulted in the deaths of millions and the almost complete extinction of the Native American population on the continent. This was the first and largest use of weapons of mass destruction against the Native Indians.


[Editor's Note: The author refers to war crimes said to have been committed against the Mandan Indians by the U.S. Army at Fort Clark, in what is today North Dakota. These events took place in 1837 - not 1763. Not to diminish the unimaginable suffering of, and crimes committed against, the Native Americans, the most authoritative research shows that there was no premeditated attempt to infect Native Americans with smallpox, and that the version of events involving the distribution of infected blankets is a fabrication].


Long ago it was said, “One who has lost something cannot give it away.” From the start, the greed of America's elite has been based on blood and destruction (and three institutions: the military, political parties and large corporations). Hence, any expansion beyond U.S. borders has been driven by greed through domination and hegemony, which cannot be a constructive force for the nation building of others!


I invite the reader, whatever your level of political understanding, to meditate on the photo attached to this column. It was taken in the first days of the occupation. An unarmed man, detained with his son, standing before an army deploying the most lethal weapons. The poor man looks as weak as a fly! Look at how savagely they deal with him. It is a picture that needs no comment. [Editor's Note: Unfortunately, the article was posted without the photo].



How can we be fooled by the writers of this report, who assert that the Americans came to this country to build a nation? The paroxysm of evil committed by America's elites began long before its savage forces were unleashed so violently against Iraqis. The world knows that beginning in the 1990s, America began planning to destroy Iraq and oppress its people with economic sanctions - which even covered aspirin pills.


Then in 2003, under direct occupation, the Iraqi state was destroyed. In this second Gulf War, more than a million Iraqi children were killed in U.S. air raids, and thousands of infants went blind thanks to a lack of insulin. Because of the embargo, the average Iraqi life span dropped 20 years for men, and 11 years for women, and more than half a million died as a result of radiation from depleted uranium shells.


According to the report, and not us Iraqis, ten years after the "American liberators" began rebuilding Iraq: “Many of the Iraqis we met say that electrical power stations that the Americans bombed during their targeting of infrastructure in 1991, were quickly repaired with Iraqi resources alone. Today even with the availability of money and the absence of a boycott or embargo, we see that a government tied by long-term agreements to the U.S. administration is unable to provide the necessary electricity.” [This is a translated quote, as no such passage appears in the report].


Ten years after its failed initiative in Iraq, America's elite are not ashamed to repeat the type of lies mentioned in America's Nation-Building Role from Germany to Iraq.


Credible international sources, and not us Iraqis, talk soberly of the falsity of such claims. The world should be briefed about the report by Human Rights Watch, which confirmed that the legacy of ten years of U.S. occupation are two accursed systems - political and judicial -  that "allow Iraqi officials and the security services to commit crimes and massive violations of human rights with impunity” [translated quite]. The report asserts that many years on, Iraq's institutions are “weak and corrupt” and unable to provide justice to the nation's citizens.

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In 2003, Britain’s government was an ally and partner in the crime of destroying (and not building) Iraq. On the tenth anniversary of the crime, the Guardian newspaper reported that at the beginning of the military intervention, most Britons were convinced of its necessity. But by 2007, 83 percent thought they had been deceived, and that one disaster had been replaced another. Today, half of all Britons believe that the Iraq War destroyed their country’s reputation.


This U.S. report, which brags about its role of nation building in Germany and Japan, is the type of fabrication that only the ugly and dirty are shameless enough to assert.


The post-war rise of the Germans and Japanese are due to the deeply-rooted historical memories of these peoples, and not to the criminal Americans who killed them by the millions and destroyed their countries. The United States administration occupied Iraq to destroy it. It was a planned demolition with many precautions taken to prevent Iraq and the Iraqis from rising again. At the same time, the evil elite running America has no compunction about publishing a report full of lies. Why? Unfortunately because they know they can get away with planting such evil seeds at a time when values are crumbling in the face of a materialistic culture devoid of human spirit. This is an era in which the ruling elite can be confident that the righteous will remain silent in the face of Iraq's destruction, its people drowning in an inferno of quotas, sectarianism, factionalism and regionalism.


America's elite handed the country over to legions of corrupt people.  Personally supervised by war hawk Donald Rumsfeld, sectarian militias responsible of spreading chaos in Iraq were established. And now that elite, which committed these unimaginable crimes, boasts as if it did something righteous.


“There is no power apart from Allah.”



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