Russian President Vladimir Putin poses with WWII veterans on Red

Square in Moscow, during the Victory Day Parade, held to recall the

1945 defeat of Nazi Germany, May 9. Is it martial spirit like this that

the ‘Arab Nation’ needs in order to to revive itself?



'Arab Nation' Must Restore its Lost Willingness to Fight! (Kitabat, Iraq)


“Evil now penetrates the walls of our souls and spirits, destroying them perhaps fatally. It is in this way that they [the West] eliminated the incentive to fight from the German people (Nazi ideology) and from the Japanese, thus turning Germany and Japan into civil countries resigned to conditions imposed by the victor.”


By Nashwan al-Jurayssi


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


May 16, 2012


Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

A former Soviet officer displays his medals at the Victory Day Parade on Moscow's Red Square, May 9. Are Arab counties weak because they lack enemies other than themselves?  

AL-JAZEERA NEWS: Former Iraq MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din complains that the religious life of the Holy City of Najaf has been taken over by Iranians, May 3, 00:03:06RealVideo

Days ago, the Russians held an impressive and solemn military parade to commemorate their victory over Nazism and the defense of their country (watch parade below). This was an exhibition of clout and state power that serves as a deterrent to anyone tempted to threaten the security of the Russian homeland, since military force is one of the key attributes of advanced and powerful states.


All through history, the most powerful nations have been more martial than civil, because their mindsets see things offensively rather than defensively. Ancient Rome was a military state. So were the Persians, French and British. The United States, too, has a military spirit, say what one will of a more passive approach.


Even that monstrous entity Israel is a military state. And while vibrant and powerful nations become increasingly militarized, we have become increasingly demilitarized. They go on the offensive and we go on the defensive, with the Gulf countries setting the example for our people. These countries remained unarmed up to the point of humiliation and defeat, when they finally farcically and frantically purchased weapons.


And the Islamic nation, after it was formed by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), was a military nation with a definitively offensive mindset - until it fell into decadence and was left to be stripped and fought over by its enemies.


The first goal of the Arab nation’s enemies was to de-incentivize the offensive mindset that had motivated it, managing to get it to adopt a purely humanitarian stance. The mindset of the nation was transformed from definitively offensive to negative and defensive, so that our overriding concern has been to protect ourselves from evil and not attack it, whether it be in our homes or mosques, in our countries, on the street or even within ourselves.



Evil now penetrates the walls of our souls and spirits, destroying them perhaps fatally. It is in this way that they eliminated the incentive to fight from the German people (Nazi ideology) and from the Japanese, which was done by eliminating the concept that they came from the gods, thus turning Germany and Japan into civil countries resigned to conditions imposed by the victor.

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The political compasses of states are determined by their enemies. The animosity could be ideological, like that of Western countries toward Islam and communism. It can be strategic, like the animosity of Russia toward Europe after the Russians gave up on communism. The animosity could be traditional, like that between India and Pakistan. Or it could even be a kind of virtual animosity disconnected from any particular people or country, like the terrorism conjured up by America to scare other countries and serve its interests.


Nations are forever locked in conflict with their enemies, be it a struggle for sovereignty, hegemony over the world, a battle for influence and interests, or a struggle to simply survive.


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As for our political compass, it is broken and we have been knocked off balance. We have been following the apparition conjured up by our enemies because we aren’t in a struggle for sovereignty, influence or existence. Instead, we are in a struggle with ourselves, our own people, Arab vs. Kurd, Sunni vs. Shiite, Syrian vs. Jordanian, Algerian vs. Moroccan, etc.


Accepting the existence of good and evil, the human mind grapples with the discrepancy …


There can be no nation without an enemy!


And a nation without an enemy is a nation without a conscience!


A nation without a conscience is a nation without an awareness of life and history!




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