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American Media Come Clean on U.S. Support for Terrorists in Syria (Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran)


Is the United States knowingly funding terrorist groups in Syria in order to oust the Syrian regime and isolate Iran? According to Iran's state-run Kayhan, recent coverage of the Syria conflict from major U.S. media confirm what Tehran and Damascus have been saying all along: America continues to use terrorists and terrorism to achieve its political ends.




August 8, 2012


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The one-time Syrian Prime Minister Riyad Hijab: Hijab and his family fled to Jordan this week, riasing the pressure on Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.


PRESS TV NEWS, IRAN [STATE-RUN]: America's media war against Iran, Aug. 8, 00:25:02RealVideo

Widespread atrocities by armed terrorist gangs backed by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have become a fact of life in Syria. In fact, these groups are so prevalent, that the mainstream U.S. media has finally been forced to pull back on its anti-Syria war propaganda and lies.


This may come too little too late, but it proves beyond doubt that armed terrorist groups and not government forces have turned that troubled nation into a nightmare of ethno-religious cleansing and massacre.


After war mongering non-stop for over a year, America's mainstream media like The Washington Post and The New York Times, among others, have been forced to admit that armed terrorist groups and not government forces are the ones indiscriminately massacring citizens in the cities of Homs and Aleppo.


U.S. media outlets go on to state that “anything otherwise is simply a lie”!


[Editor's Note: We have been unable to confirm any such admission from the U.S. mainstream media].


In fact, as admitted by the U.S. media outlets, many of the refugees fleeing urban Syrian territory are persecuted Christians, Shiites and Kurds, who have been attacked by members of the so-called Free Syrian Army, which has been targeting religious minorities form death in an attempt to recruit hard-line Sunnis (Wahhabis) for a proxy war against the Syrian government on behalf of the U.S. government and its regional allies.


We all know that the so-called Free Syrian Army did not emerge out of a popular revolt, as has been claimed by U.S. media. Rather, it has been bankrolled and weaponized by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The plot is to utilize Wahhabism to destroy the Syrian government in an ethnic-religious war - not the first time it has been used as a tool to help overthrow an unfriendly government.

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America has a long-standing alliance with Saudi Arabia. This is a dynamic that, over the years, has given birth to both the Taliban and al-Qaeda. With the carnage going on in Syria, no matter how many times President Obama claims otherwise in his dodgy speeches, we can be pretty sure that Washington has no intension of ending the use of this strategy.





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It is interesting to listen what The New York Times has to say about the latest developments in Syria: "As Saudi Arabian arms and money bolster the opposition, the 80,000 Christians who’ve been cleansed from their homes in Homs Province in March by the Free Syrian Army have gradually given up the prospect of ever returning home."


The newspaper adds: "The rebels’ ethnic cleansing has prompted at least some Sunnis who had supported the rebels and once-wavering Syrians to pledge renewed loyalty to Assad. Many view the government as the best guarantor of Syria’s endangered ethnic-religious pluralism."


This demonstrates that America and its allies have been lying to the world about their interventionist policies as well as the true nature of the conflict in Syria - because it benefits them to see a non-U.S. ally destroyed by ethnic-religious barbarism.


As admitted by U.S. media, many Syrians now see the United States aligning itself with Saudi Arabia, the fount of Wahhabism, against the Arab world’s most popular government. And of course on a false premise, since it does so with the help of foreign backers who want nothing but to see the country annihilated so Iran will be isolated in the Middle East.


In sum, Washington and its regional allies are supporting and arming terrorist groups, extremist Wahhabis and al-Qaeda in Syria. For the same reason, the rise in rebel atrocities should surprise no one. These notorious gangs haven’t been sent to Syria to liberate the Syrian people. They are ONLY there to kill and serve their masters. Therefore, their atrocities also fall within the category of war criminals under the United Nations Human Rights Charter.


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