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Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, General Odierno, injected himself

into the Iraq elections by accusing chairman of the Accountability and

Justice Commission, Dr. Ahmed Chalabi, of being unduly influenced by

iran. The Commission is charged with removing 'Baathist' candidates.



Iraq News Agency, Iraq

Chalabi Tells General Odierno: 'Mind Your Own Business'


"Odierno's comments come in the context of a series of hysterical U.S. statements. Ö The accusation of links with Iran is baseless, and is one of the false devices previously promoted by the U.S. to belittle and break the back of Dr. Chalabi, who has always opposed America's mistaken policies in Iraq."


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


February 18, 2010


Iraq - Iraqi News Agency - Original Article (Arabic)


Ahmed Chalabi (above) is one of Iraq's most divisive figures, who is said to have been the source of the faulty information the Bush Administration used to invade in 2003. He was later cut off by the Bush White House for 'unauthorized contacts with Iran.' He now heads Iraq's Accountability and Justice Commission, which is charged with disqualifying former members of Saddam's Baathist Party from standing in Iraq's national elections on March 7.


PRESS TV NEWS, IRAN (state-run): Iranian news program approves of Iraq de-Baathification effort, Jan. 26, 00:09:59RealVideo

Ahmad Chalabi has described statements regarding his relationship to Iran by commander of U.S. forces Ray Odierno as an encroachment on Iraq's national symbols and a flagrant interference in Iraq's domestic affairs.


[Editor's Note: According to the Washington Times, General Odierno is quoted as saying in a speech that both the chairman and the executive director of the Accountability and Justice Commission, Dr. Chalabi and Ali Faisal al-Lami, have been in close contact with Abu-Mahdi al-Muhandis, top Iraqi adviser to Iran's Quds Force commander. The Quds Force comprises Iran's unconventional military units, which have orchestrated anti-U.S. paramilitary and political operations in Iraq.]


The Accountability and Justice Commission issued a statement: "Recently, the media quoted General Ray Odierno, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, reiterating the allegations of some American agencies about the existence of intelligence evidence related to, as he said, 'Chalabiís relationship with Iran.'"


"Odierno's statement damaged the work of the Accountability and Justice Commission, when it threw out corrosive charges at its executive director Ali Faisal al-Lami, questioning the procedures imposed relating to de-Baathification and the issue of which candidates in the March 7 Iraqi elections should be subject to the rules of the Commission."



"Odierno's comments come in the context of a series of hysterical U.S. statements that intensified when it became clear to all that America's scheme to bring the Baath back into the political arena had crashed against the solid rock of unified Iraqi resistance."


"We flatly condemn these statements and consider it an encroachment on Iraq's national symbols as well as a flagrant interference in Iraqi domestic affairs. We can only remind General Odierno that he is a soldier and that the Iraqi elections are a domestic issue outside of the nature of his mission in Iraq, which was determined by the security agreement signed by the American and Iraqi governments and which deals, first and foremost, with the security situation."


"The accusation of links with Iran is baseless, and is one of the false devices previously promoted by the U.S. to belittle and break the back of Dr. Chalabi, who has always opposed America's mistaken policies in Iraq since the days of civilian governor Paul Bremer. In the past, U.S. forces have raided the home of Dr. Chalabi, violating its sanctity and tampering with his belongings in a supposed look for intelligence evidence demonstrating his involvement in unnatural relations with Iraq's dear neighbor, Iran. Those troops, and whoever directed, them failed to uncover anything that would have substantiated these false allegations."





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We call upon General Odierno to focus on his assigned task and not intervene in affairs that are none of his business.


The statement concludes: "We are well aware that such false accusations come in the context of political pressure initiated by Vice President Joe Biden to force the chairman of the Accountability and Justice Commission to retreat from his patriotic and legal duty to protect the political process from Baathist and Saddamite infiltration. The U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Christopher Hill, kept up the pressure. But the unity of the Iraqi people, its political forces, and especially the Iraqi National Alliance, in defending and applying the Constitution, has defeated such pressure. Similarly, an Iraqi court has handed down its independent decision to defend the Constitution and the law. General Odierno should respect the decisions of Iraq's independent judiciary.


[Editor's Note: U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill, backing up General Ray Ordierno's comments, is quoted by Foreign Policy Magazine's The Cable: "I absolutely agree with General Odierno on this. And absolutely, these gentlemen are certainly under the influence of Iran. These were people, or in the case of Chalabi, he was named by CPA administrator Bremer, back in '03, as the head of the de-Baathification Committee. It was a committee that went out of existence two years ago, replaced by the Accountability and Justice Committee. Everyone else [on the committee] understood that their terms expired with the expiration of the committee, except for Mr. Chalabi, who assumed by himself the role of maintaining his position in a new committee to which he was never named ... and I don't need to relate to you or anyone else here the fact that this is a gentleman who has been challenged ... as a straightforward individual."]



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