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Obama's Afghan Plan a 'Sacrifice to Satan


"Obama has sharpened his knife, donned military garb, and antagonized the Taliban and al-Qaeda merely to justify himself. … What evil mind and what evil empire has the world been cursed with? The greatest tragedy of all is that the stupid countries of the world walk in the footsteps of the 'master' like slaves."


By Mahmoud Ibrahim Al Hoyan


Translated By James Jacobson and Nicolas Dagher


December 7, 2009


Iraq - Iraqi News Agency - Original Article (Arabic)


In an address at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, President Obama lays out his plan for Afghanistan.


C-SPAN VIDEO: President Barack Obama announces his long awaited strategy on Afghanistan, calling for 30,000 additional U.S. troops, Dec. 1, 00:39:34RealVideo

The world has lived for over two decades with the great curse of America, a nation that after approving decisions that have gradually drowned other peoples and nations in blood, doesn't want to wash its hands of evil.


You see them in full regalia - and no one can top them for protocol, their halls full of American flags and adorned with stars. They're not ready to help the world or lend a helping hand, but to harvest more souls, destroy more countries and trample other peoples underfoot.


The world sees these idiotic strategies and the genius employed for the sake of destruction. Just look at Washington's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan and order more nations to follow suit - and who dares say no to Uncle Sam?


What kind of venom does the United States spit? What blood, what killing? It has failed miserably to win a single friend on the earth. And it only antagonizes its own people, who are tired of demonstrating in front of America's house [the White House], which is adorned in red in preparation for the New Year celebration only days from now, and, at the same time, preparing to offer additional victims to Satan.


Only weeks ago Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and his grin was even wider. But behind that grin is concealed some very sharp teeth. He has sharpened his knife, donned military garb, and antagonized the Taliban and al-Qaeda merely to justify himself. But his underlying goal is not the one he has announced.


Last Tuesday the world stood by waiting to see the new American plan for Afghanistan. Finally before us appeared President Obama with the flag of his country set up behind him as if he'd conquer the entire planet -and not realizing that more of those flags would soon veil the coffins of his soldiers.


“As commander-in-chief, I have determined that it is in our vital national interest to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan” ... ? But the question that the world would like answered, is if Mr. Obama plans to destroy a country in which the deadliest weapons are Kalashnikovs and RPG’s and the fighters are barefoot and almost naked, is there any balance or equity in this?


Is this to be a new phase of a tragedy that the U.S. administration doesn’t want to end - which is why it hasn't? There's nothing wrong in murder. Hasn’t murder long been a characteristic of the White House? The man, despite the applause from Arabs and congratulatory telegrams because of the Nobel Peace Prize, now sees nothing but Afghanistan. The strangest thing of all is that a camel the size of America is preparing to battle a kitten that still can’t even meow.


He is encouraged and challenged by those in his administration - and the generals of which there are many - who say to him: “Unsheathe your sword and initiate battle, because the Afghans threaten the security of the United States.” They spend their nights in closed rooms on their military bases, preparing to achieve the announced victory over the puny Afghans.


What evil mind and what evil empire has the world been cursed with? The greatest tragedy of all is that the stupid countries of the world walk in the footsteps of the “master” like slaves. And does the slave have any say in what the master says?


Yes - it's a rush to harvest more souls, thus committing more sins about which Christ, peace be upon Him, warned: Thou Shall Not Kill! Thou Shall Not Kill! Thou Shall Not Kill!



But those who push Obama along, tell him: "This is a war of the Lord who has chosen you to govern from among all the people in the land and from whose infallibility no one can escape. So you must do this so that none of them remain; aim the lethal weapons at the chests of their wives; open fire at the heads of their children; and kill even their pregnant women, for this is the order of the Lord to you."


Didn’t Bush say this when he fought and destroyed Iraq? Wasn’t his picture shown in the America's Time Magazine lighting candles and praying? And when he finished, didn't he say: “The Lord commanded me to do this.”?


The Lord in which all heavenly religions believe and who sent all the prophets calls for peace and refuses and even prohibits murder - is that not so? None of the religions of history invite people to kill and destroy, but these are the teachings of the extremists in the White House. They're the ones that distort the commandments of the Lord and make Satan their master, who is the source of their teachings.


Let us return to the hall which was full of military cadets. The camera moves among them and we note that many of them have bowed heads and are in deep meditation, because they realize that they'll soon have to leave their families and children in the midst of the holidays to go and fight. Which of them will return on his own two feet?; who will bare the fate of returning wrapped in the flag of their country?


Army cadets during the invocation before President Obama addressed

them on his decision to send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan,

at West Point,  December 1. [CLICK HERE OR PHOTO TO WATCH]


What will happen to their wives and children? They know that their country is leading them to a losing battle and wants to achieve a lackluster victory which hasn't been realized despite years of open war on the weak.


There is a surprising silence from the American media about these decisions, the coverge of which persists to revolve around the resolution of problems on the ground with weapons built in American factories and which are ready to be tested on "Afghan mice."


On the same day, Wednesday, December 2nd, Time featured a picture of an Iraqi girl carried in the lap of her mother, born deformed with only half a face and without an eye, brought about by the use of U.S. weapons in Iraq. I said to myself: I want to send this image as a Christmas and New Year postcard to President Obama.


Why not? Weren’t American values turned upside down? Americans never tire of ruminating and singing about their values, and even their dollar that they no longer respect carries the sentence, “In God We Trust.” Are these values reflected in the murder and orchestrated destruction of peoples?


You, new dwellers of the White House, I urge you to visit a sick person whose soul the Lord hasn't yet wanted to take, although he's been on the verge of death for two years in one of the Tel Aviv's hospitals. His name is Ariel Sharon. Perhaps you'll think about this and order a halt to killing and the shedding of blood! 



In the year 1912, William Howard Taft, the 20th century's second U.S. president, said, "We must protect our people and possessions in Mexico, to make the government of Mexico understand that there is a God of Israel, and that they are bound to obey Him." [translated quote].


After a hundred years, the same thinking has repeated itself and the same schemes have been made by the hands of both Bush and Obama, who want to carry out the instructions of the "God of Israel" to go to the Middle East and burn and destroy Iraq, despite that fact that to this day, the wound they opened in Afghanistan remains gaping.


[International Herald Tribune, France]


The question is, Mr. President Obama, are you as you said upon accepting the Peace Prize and Nobel scepter a peace maker? How would you feel if you were one of the soldiers whose evident fear of death was etched on their faces as their president ordered them to fight, while members of your family prepared turkey dinner to celebrate the holidays with you?


In the world, the strong ones cry for destruction and war, while the weak cry out in pain, hunger, and fear of the unknown. The world is full of values. But they're the values of dropping bombs on unprotected bodies and tanks trampling the heads of the helpless.


So Mr. President, will you still put the Nobel Peace Prize on the wall in your office? Or is it to adorn your bedroom? Do you remember the children of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan when taking your children to bed and telling them to become all they can be? 


With your empire of evil plaguing the world and whose leaders bully the weak, is there any chance that future generations can hope for a bright future?







































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