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U.S. 'Withdrawal' Resembles Israeli Retreats from Gaza


"That's why this type of 'withdrawal' is only termed a 'redeployment,' since retreating forces don't depart significantly from the places they left. That is the reality."


By Ziyad Abu Shawish


Translated By James Jacobson


July 2, 2009


Iraq - Iraqi News Agency - Original Article (Arabic)

Iraqi soldiers on parade to mark the withdrawal of U.S. forced from Iraq's cities and towns, June 30.


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People are talking about the American redeployment from Iraqi cities, which was completed on Tuesday, June 30, which is similar, to a great extent, to the withdrawals Israel carries out from time to time in cities on the West Bank, only to return under various pretexts - to chase, hunt and assassinate. That's why this type of "withdrawal" is only termed a "redeployment," since retreating forces don't depart significantly from the places they left. That is the reality of the situation regarding the withdrawal of American forces from Iraqi cities.


The Iraqi people are in dire need of the U.S. to withdraw, in order to give us every chance of national reconciliation. Meanwhile, due to the U.S. presence, tremenodous pressure and intimidation came from our Arab brothers, particularly from neighboring countries. The Iraqi people had hoped that the withdrawal would be accompanied by what America claimed it was going to achieve when it invaded. There's still no electricity, water, no chance for the young or college graduates to find work, no reconstruction - and certainly none of the promises have been kept that the Bush Administration and its various accomplices made in an attempt to substantiate the horror of invasion and aggression, which lacked any legal or moral justification.



The U.S. deployment from Iraqi cities might usher in the day of a brotherly Iraq, if it is accompanied by strong and capable security and political institutions that could restore to Iraq its Arab face and internal unity, that restores her ties with her Arab neighbors, and that liberates it from all vestiges of the invasion and the sectarian sentiments that nearly destroyed the country. The consequences of this will long remain.



Despite the nature of this redeployment - and despite everything - this is a positive step. We hope that it will serve to restore the Iraqi spirit we all remember - that spirit of treating everyone in a civilized fashion, regardless of religion, faction or sect - and that Iraq come together as one and remain a beacon for all neighboring states for many years to come.



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