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Hoy, Ecuador

'Cynical Imperialists' of East and West Clash Over Syria


"The justifications of both U.S. and E.U. imperialists and imperialists in Russia require a high degree of cynicism, because they both exclude what should be most important: the lives of human beings: innocent, precious, and as worthy of respect as any of ours."


By Joaquín Hernández Alvarado


Translated By Florizul Acosta-Perez


February 7, 2012


Ecuador - Hoy - Original Article (Spanish)

In this photo reportedly taken by a Syrian opposition member, children hold up signs that say, 'Curse on the United Nations, Russia and China.'


AL-JAZEERA NEWS VIDEO: Syrian army defector explains why he now supports the opposition, Feb. 13, 00:03:04RealVideo

There is no greater tragedy for a country than to be at the heart of a regional and global conflict - and of course, to be ruled by a tyrant willing to do anything to retain power. Such is the case with Syria, where expectations for that nation's future point toward the worst. What is the "worst"? The worst is the slow bleeding of innocent deaths (one press release spoke of headless children) and a generally terrifying situation that leads one to wonder: What ever happened to kindness and the human condition?


Then comes the ideological explanations and justifications of one party the other, whether on the one hand, it be the imperialist interests of the United States, the European Union, or the even more militaristic attitude of Israel; or on the other, the imperial cynicism of Russia, which cannot accept the loss of one of its preferred weapons customers, not to mention its only naval base in the Mediterranean (Tartus). Both justifications require a high degree of cynicism, because they exclude what should be most important: the lives of human beings: innocent, precious, and as worthy of respect as any of ours.


The fact is that the Syrian bleeding will last long after the U.N. Security Council vetoes of Russia and China. Bashar al-Assad’s regime can inflict terrible losses on its adversaries, but it will find it difficult to achieve total victory and retain power as if nothing had happened.


Meanwhile, the situation in Syria will absorb the world's attention for a time, but not for long, since there are so many other dramatic situations around the world. Syria will eventually fall into oblivion, lost in the daily reporting of combat in cities with exotic names and victim statistics that offer us little in terms of understanding the magnitude of personal tragedy.


Russia's aforementioned U.N. Security Council veto gives the U.S., Europe Union and Arab League none of the measures they sought. In addition to its desire to continue selling weapons and retaining its naval base, Russia obviously has other reasons to be concerned. The Kremlin wants to avoid precedents for further interventions by Western powers in the domestic affairs of other nations, and would like to see a return to the old concept of national sovereignty, which despite what leading thinkers may say, remains as profitable as ever.



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In any case, the list of Western interventions that Russia considered unfavorable - from Yugoslavia to Libya - is a long one. There is one more point: Russia hasn’t been pleased with the resolution of the Libyan issue, and as international analysts say, it has felt disappointed and betrayed - or at least this provides a handy excuse.    



For its part, the U.S. has ordered its embassy in Damascus closed, and President Obama insists on boosting international pressure and sanctions on Syria. Will Washington, its European allies or even the Arab League offer indirect support to the rebels? There is no need to tear one's hair out over this, when everyone believes that their vital interests are playing out in the country. Doing so will only lend more to the drama.



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