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U.S. and West ‘Morally Accountable’ for Syria Massacre (Global Times, China)


Contrary to the narrative in the West, are Russia and China the real heroes of the Syria story? According to this editorial from China’s state-controlled Global Times, Only Russia and China stand in the way of an even more horrific conflict brought on by a selfish Western determination to remake the Middle East in its own image.




May 30, 2012


People’s Republic of China - Global Times – Original Article (English)

One of dozens of children killed at point blank range during a house to house rampage of innocents, in Houla, Syria, on May 26. At least 32 children under ten were killed in this fashion. The Syrian government denied its troops were behind the attack.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: French President Hollande says world 'cannot allow Assad regime to massacre its own people', May 29, 00:02:49RealVideo

The Houla massacre may push the Syria situation into a new phase. "Only Russia, China can stop the carnage in Syria," said an opinion piece published by CNN on Monday, claiming that the support of China and Russia for Bashar al-Assad is the cause of Syria's are suffering. This type of rhetoric isn’t new. Western media has taken this tone ever since China and Russia double-vetoed the Syria resolution at the U.N. Security Council.


But the reality is just the opposite. If someone should take responsibility for the problems in Syria, that could only be the West. The West has been adding fuel to the fire since the Syrian crisis began, and has driving the situation out of control. Given the chaotic nature of the situation, tragedies like the one that just occurred in Houla are predictable. It is primarily the U.S. and European powers which should be held morally accountable for this.


China and Russia have called for a resolution by peaceful means, as this is obviously the least painful path toward transition. Western powers, however, insist that unless Assad leaves, there can be no solution. What this in fact amounts to is calling for bloodshed rather than peace. It will force the Syrian parties to decide their fate through war.


As the Syrian situation has developed, the West has been dominant, while China and Russia have acted as balancing powers. If the latter go, Syria will no doubt slip into full-scale war. China and Russia care most about peace for Syria, whereas the West only cares about achieving its political ends for the region, prioritizing the ouster of Assad and leaving a peaceful outcome behind.


The West's approach on Syria is force. It began with political and economic sanctions aimed at isolating the Assad regime, while at the same time it offered support to the opposition to create a national power shift.


But the regime is not without roots. Half the Syrian population remains loyal to Assad, and if this support is to be eradicated, it will cost Syrians dearly. The West's strategy is built on Syrian flesh and blood. It is a political kidnapping of the destinies of over 20 million people.


If one country is permitted to intervene in another’s domestic affairs at will, our world would be plagued by a long series of wars driven by the subversion of regimes. However history judges such events, they would be a nightmare for the people of our age.


The West should not expect cooperation from China and Russia if it insists on dictating its values and mindsets to the world by all means possible. For it if does, it will find China and Russia standing in its way.



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The West has tasted little victory in the post-Cold War era. Although it managed to overthrow a few feeble regimes, the gains were short-lived, and resentment against the West continues to exist in these countries.

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Afghanistan and Iraq are out in the cold with few solutions, while the futures of Egypt and Libya hang in the balance. In these already escalated circumstances, China and Russia should persuade Assad to refrain from using heavy artillery and prevent or delay Western militarization of the opposition.


China and Russia expect no compliments from the West. But in their hearts, both know that their efforts will benefit the Syrian people and the international community's pursuit of peace.



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