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Syria Crisis is China's Moment to Show it Cannot Be Hemmed In


Beyond what it means for the Syrian people, is the uprising against dictator Bashar al-Assad the chance for China to show it is a serious player on the global stage? This editorial from China's state-run Global Times asserts that by standing tall in its desire to prevent further bloodshed in Syria, Beijing is sending a message that the West will not forget.




February 27, 2012


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (English)

An apparently cheerful Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma vote, undoutedly to approve a referendum on a new constitution that will limit him to twop more seven year terms, at a polling station in a Syrian TV station, Damascus, Feb. 26.


PRESS TV, IRAN: An Iranian government look at the Syrian referendum on a new constitution, Feb. 29, 00:24:59RealVideo

On Sunday, Syrians voted on a draft constitution that calls for multi-party rule and parliamentary elections, and putting in place a presidential term limit of two seven-year terms. The result of the vote will be announced today. The opposition, with the West's support, has boycotted the vote.


The West is wrong to reject any reforms Syria undertakes and to demand President Bashar al-Assad step down to end the crisis. This will bring about a civil war and lead to more deaths. What the West wants from Syria is not democracy, but the overthrow of the regime so as to eliminate Iranian influence over Syria.


China should stand by Russia and support the vote.


In a globalized world, it is difficult for a regime to be invulnerable to outside influences.


Western political pressure on Assad's regime appears invincible, but no one knows what will happen in the long run. The "Friends of Syria" conclave was nowhere near as effective as last year's "Friends of Libya." The Assad regime isn't as isolated as that of Muammar Qaddafi. So far, there has been no obvious trend of officials jumping ship, and the opposition is far from united.



China and Russia should support and urge Assad's regime to reform in accordance with the will of the Syrian people. At the same time, China and Russia should help Syria resist outside interference. Only Syria's people can determine its future. If the reforms win the support of the majority of the public, the regime is likely to live on.


Syria has become a place where countries in the Middle East as well as the great powers demonstrate their political ambition and place bets. China, which has become involved in this issue, can pull out at any time. But if it does it will pay a price.


In the past, China had to develop while abiding by a world order dominated by the West. But over the past few years, the international order has had a tendency to limit China's development. It is unavoidable that China now sees the need to confront this. The Syrian issue can be seen as an unintentional confrontation point.



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China favors a path that hurts the Syrian people least and not necessarily a path that benefits the West most. If the West can accept what China does, an element of the new world order will have been formed. But if China quits, there will be a different impression.


One way or another, whatever China does on the Syria issue, the West will take note.


China's veto this time is like water that has been poured. Many of the world's strategic changes originate with China. Now it is time for China to face that seriously.




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