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Beijing Shows 'Courage' By Vetoing Syria Resolution at U.N.


Is China's decision to veto and oppose any action at the United Nations that would punish Syria for killing members of the opposition and innocent civilians 'worthy of merit'? According to this editorial from the state-run Global Times, Beijing should congratulate itself for standing its ground against the U.S. and Britain, an act that demonstrates China's coming of age as a world power unafraid of defending its interests.




February 18, 2012


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (English)

In this photo reportedly taken by a Syrian opposition member, children hold up signs that say, 'Curse on the United Nations, Russia and China.'


RUSSIA TODAY VIDEO: Former Russian Joint Chief: 'Russia is Ready to Use military force to defend Iran and Syria, Feb. 1, 00:02:29RealVideo

On Thursday, China voted against a U.N. General Assembly resolution on Syria, days after it vetoed a Security Council resolution pressing for regime change in Damascus.


The country's courage in expressing itself and calmly standing its ground is worthy of merit. Some Western media ridiculed certain nations for these choices, including China and Russia. China's influence on global politics is rising. The West would be well advised to reduce its expectations that China will in future abstain. Like it or not, China's position must now be taken into serious consideration.


Politics serve to secure national interests on the global stage. Due to their obvious dominance over public opinion, the Western powers are privileged to interpret interests and ethics any way they like. Consequently, the twelve countries that voted against them at the U.N. General Assembly have been labeled "unethical." China shouldn't be fooled by such hypocrisy.


In November, the U.S. and Israel were the only nations opposed to a draft U.N. General Assembly resolution on Cuba. At that point, the U.S. was far more isolated than the 12 nations that objected to Thursday's resolution. Despite its near monopoly over the planet's most resource-rich areas and its leverage in directing world development, Washington has failed to win over global public opinion.


China must be confident and proactive about implementing its diplomatic strategy. China's vote, representing one-fifth of the entire world population, deserves its due respect.


It is wrong [for any nation] to blindly vote on the side of the West. Calls for China to vote with "universal values" are frequently heard online.


To do so encourages Western values that contradict the rise of China and eventually, these values infiltrate global affairs and consequently weaken China. As the nation rises, so will the pressure it faces, since China seems like an easy target for some Western media.


The root cause of Chinese unease when faced with Western accusations is a lack of confidence. Greater confidence flows from looking at facts from a historical perspective.



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We must halt the traditional stereotyped view of China as a player more than willing to make concessions in order to avoid trouble. The rest of the world should be advised to look at China as a nation that doesn't welcome unnecessary trouble, but that never shuns directly dealing with difficulties.



We are a peace-loving nation that hasn't been involved in a military conflict for over two decades. In sharp contrast, over the same period, countries like the U.S. and Britain have engaged in numerous wars. Now they think themselves situated to lecture us on justice? Surely, they cannot ignore the irony.



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