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It's Finally the Beginning of the End for al-Qaeda


"Bin Ladenís death and the pro-democratic revolutions knocking consecutive Arab leaders off of their seats of power constitute a true beginning of the end for the radical, medieval, imperial and dictatorial ideas with which al-Qaeda proposed to reorganize the world."


By Bartosz Węglarczyk



Translated By Halszka Czarnocka


May 2, 2011


Poland - Gazeta Wyborcza - Original Article (Polish)

An old and somewhat haggard looking man identified as Osama bin Laden watches himself on television, from a screen grab on a video tape found in his Pakistan hide out. It was one a a series of videos released by the Pentagon, part of a trove of data found in the raid to kill or capture him.

AL-JAZEERA VIDEO NEWS: The U.S. releases videos found in Osama bin Laden's mansion in Pakistan, May 7, 00:15:12RealVideo

In the fight against terrorism symbols are of fundamental importance. Al-Qaeda will continue and will probably launch yet many attacks, but 2011 is the beginning of its end.


Al-Qaeda was decimated in 2001, when, to Osama bin Ladenís surprise, the Americans attacked Afghanistan and drove al-Qaeda from its bases in that country. Soon afterwards, several important leaders of the organization were captured in Pakistan and several others died were killed in attacks, among others, in Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.


Osama bin Laden, who for years has been so seriously ill that he needed several surgical operations, removed himself from the day-to-day management of the organization. He couldn't use cell phones and organizing meetings with subordinates became extremely complicated.


Most important for al-Qaeda was to keep him alive. Every few months, a new video message from Osama would appear on the Internet, always containing a reference to some recent occurrence, in order to make it clear that bin Laden was alive and monitoring world events.


Al-Qaeda was perfectly aware that Washington had never given up the search for Osama. The fact that he was situated 300km from the Afghan border proves that the organization was afraid for his life and kept him away from areas known to be within range of American Special forces. ††††††



That he was found by the Americans just several dozen kilometers from Islamabad means that al-Qaeda can no longer rely on a safe hiding spot anywhere in Pakistan. Americans not only sent a group of Navy SEALS deep into Pakistan territory; they did so without incurring any losses. The image of Osama, who was always photographed near or with a rifle at his side, was thus further undermined.


Osama bin Laden couldn't have been concealed so deeply in Pakistan without the knowledge, consent and protection of Pakistanís ubiquitous military intelligence, the ISI. According to diplomatic wires recently disclosed by WikiLeaks, Americans consider ISI a veritable terrorist organization.


On the other hand, the Sunday raid in Abbottabad could not have happened without the knowledge and approval of at least some pro-Western ISI officials. According to unconfirmed reports, it was the ISI who first informed the Americans on Osamaís hideout.


This is an ominous sign for al-Qaeda, since it means that yet another country has ceased being a safe haven for the group. During the coming weeks, al-Qaeda will certainly try to prove that it remains a serious force. But bin Ladenís death and the pro-democratic revolutions knocking consecutive Arab leaders off of their seats of power constitute a true beginning of the end for the radical, medieval, imperial and dictatorial ideas with which al-Qaeda proposed to reorganize the world.


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