2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump:
Will he garner any Latino support? … Fuhgettaboutit!



Donald Trump: Migrants Join Army of those who Despise Him (Excelsior, Mexico)


"His aspirations for the Republican nomination have neither rhyme nor reason. ... In no case is it suggested that he will become a presidential nominee, but if the choice comes down to two aspirants, Trump and his small support base could become the pivot that defines the next Republican nominee. ... Unfortunately for Trump, he is now despised not only in the political sphere, but by migrants, a sector likely to be definitive for the outcome of the upcoming election."


By Max Cortázar



Translated By Noelia Padron


June 29, 2015


Mexico – Excelsior – Original Article (Spanish)

Donald Trump, son of Fred Trump, a prominent real estate agent in the 1950s and 60s, is an American entrepreneur who was able to consolidate his father's property empire and break into the entertainment industry. This has helped him maintain his celebrity status and eccentric lifestyle.


While in his youth, Donald Trump expanded on his father's business and made it one of the most recognizable and innovative agencies in the U.S. and the world, today the prodigal son's companies are in bankruptcy, with lawsuits connected to the misappropriation of funds, illicit enrichment and negligence. From Trump University, which he created in 2004, to class action suits against the Trump Organization in California, Tijuana and New York - his companies have begun to falter.




Donald Trump has been repeatedly accused of fraud due to the countless projects he has undertaken with other people's money and that, for some reason, have never materialized; billions of dollars worth of projects over which investors have undertaken lawsuits in the hope of recovering at least a portion of the money Trump snatched away.


With the money of others in hand and standing behind this business facade, Donald Trump has become the buffoon of the U.S. business world, has lost credibility with his peers and has exploited his father's legacy only to achieve a bad reputation and passing fame among north Americans who take every opportunity to poke fun of his physical appearance, his words and his career.


Furthermore, the only opinions Donald Trump seems capable of expressing are exaggerated and out of context, all in an effort to keep his name alive within the imaginations of U.S. people. Just last week the businessman launched for the fourth time his 2016 candidacy for the presidency of the United States.


In his speech, which lasted more than 45 minutes, Trump promised to build a border fence to prevent the passage of Mexican migrants into the country. The businessman asserted that Mexicans are responsible for importing violence, drugs and crime into the United States, and also qualified them as rapists. The magnate finished by saying that he deserved the White House because of his $9 billion fortune. Ridiculous!



Here are details that provide a more accurate portrait of Donald Trump: he's a mean-spirited member of North America's high society whose aspirations for the Republican presidential nomination have neither rhyme nor reason. Why is he calling such public attention to himself? What is Trump up to with this media outburst? 

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We could infer that, first of all, he is looking to deter new competitors from entering the Republican battle, which he does by demonstrating his financial capability. In the politics of North America, even more so in this part of the process, money means viability among primary partisans. Trump is sending a clear message: if you have this level of resources, welcome to the race; otherwise don’t bother coming.


Second, fewer candidates mean greater bargaining power. In no case is it suggested that Trump will become a presidential nominee, but if the choice comes down to two aspirants, Trump and his small support base could become the pivot that defines the next Republican presidential nominee.


Hence his speech in which he opposed immigration reform. Trump is looking to attract the attention of the most conservative sectors of the Republican Party, which, without a doubt, would also like to see the construction of a new wall and share Trump's views about Mexico. With this, together with his financial influence, Trump hopes to become their spokesperson.

Donald Trump: A Rare Unifying Force for Mexicans and Gringos! (Milenio, Mexico)

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So with deceit and scandalous statements, Trump seems to not only to be seeking the global spotlight, which he did manage to obtain, but to become the Republican Party spokesman and to define who can become the candidate.


Unfortunately for Trump, his fourth attempt looks like it will end in failure like the rest, as he is now despised not only in the political sphere, but by migrants, a sector likely to be definitive for the outcome of the upcoming election.




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