Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro and Defense Minister Diego Molero

share a laugh before Maduro announced his government was to offer

asylum to Edward Snowden, earlier this month.



Bienvenido to Venezuela, Double Agent Snowden! (El Nacional, Venezuela)


"If you, Edward Snowden, staunch defender of human rights, before coming here, could take a short course on Cuba, that would fit perfectly, because the skills you acquired at the CIA and NSA, along with those of the KGB you are now learning, are the perfect formula for continuing to act as a double agent, and would help the over half of Venezuelans, i.e.: those who voted against this regime, who were branded little Yankees, sellouts to U.S. imperialism, traitors of the land, rogue media, and little bourgeoisie. Nothing, in short, that you will need a translator to understand."


By Alicia Freilich



Translated By Rachael Bradley


July 31, 2013


Venezuela - El Nacional - Original Article (Spanish)

A protester in Caracus demonstrates against the election of Hugo Chavez' heir apparent, Nicolas Maduro. About half of the country considers the April 14 presidential election to have been stolen.

BBC NEWS VIDEO, U.K.: Snowden's father - "If it were me, I would stay in Russia, and that's what I hope my son will do", July 31, 00:02:16RealVideo

"As the mayor I am, I owe you an explanation, and the explanation I owe you, I am going to give." -- Welcome Mr. Marshall (1953), a Spanish film directed by Luis Garcia Berlanga.


If you, Edward Snowden, staunch defender of human rights, before coming here, could take a short course on Cuba, that would fit perfectly, because the skills you acquired at the CIA and NSA, along with those of the KGB you are now learning, are the perfect formula for continuing to act as a double agent, and would help the over half of Venezuelans, i.e.: those who on April 14 voted against this regime, who were branded little Yankees, sellouts to U.S. imperialism, traitors of the land, rogue media, and little bourgeoisie. Nothing, in short, that you will need a translator to understand It is customary for fraud and insult to bring damage to the human right to verify the results of every individual citizen action [the author refers to the right of verifying the result of the last presidential election].


This has long been a rule of equality and fraternity in your home, the United States.


If you disguise yourself as a Cuban G2 technician, a reliable maintenance specialist of sophisticated electronic equipment, you could easily get onto the National Electoral Commission, and in the true style of novelist John Le Carre, check the secret ballot papers along with the theatrical official election results that have even been accepted by the Organization of American States! It seems that the original evidence is found via Havana, in our Supreme Tribunal of Justice - which is nothing like the Supreme Court in your country.


If you can get your an English translation of the Alfred Meza book about the assassination of public prosecutor Danilo Anderson, plus other clues, it might reach the grey matter of those who dreamed up the crime, which was publically lauded by the current government. [Anderson was investigating the 2002 coup against Hugo Chavez. In short, the current Venezuela opposition (which favored the coup) believes that Anderson's investigation was undermined by pro-government forces, and that people innocent of the crime and favorable to pro-Chavez forces, were arrested and convicted for it].


You could also in passing reveal the names of those who committed the crime, which remains officially unsolved - something that contradicts the universal human right to life. In the same way, you could find books and press articles about what drive the vicious offensive against General Raul Baduel [opposed changes to the constitution allowing a third term for Hugo Chavez - charged with corruption], police inspector Ivan Simonovis [for participating in the 2002 coup], Judge Maria Afiuni [an independent judge who cleared a Chavez opponent of criminal charges], other political prisoners, and the many people who are pursued, tortured, violated and denied the basic right to self defense and due process.


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You might obtain a summary of the information from veteran commentator Nelson Bocaranda, the most harassed of countless colleagues being spied upon, who regularly reported on the illness of Hugo Chavez Frias. You could compare those with the brief statements released by the Miraflores Palace as well as reports by the Castro doctors, and you will find the real cause of the secrecy observed by the government and United Socialist Party - which violated the right of citizens to know the mental and physical health of the president and other civil servants, and which is normal where you come from.


To relax, you could watch the film by the great Berlanga online, entitled Welcome Mr. Marshall, which Berlanga updated in 2000.


Watch how this masterpiece of parody revealed to the world the moral and material poverty, terror and submissiveness of mediocre and perverse civil servants in General Franco's Spain, disguising the townsfolk by having them wear old fashioned clothes and issue false praise of everyone from the most xenophobic members of the dictator's regime to the gringo supervisors, in order to obtain financial aid from the Marshall Plan, which donated millions of dollars to rebuild Europe after WWII and prevent the continent from falling under Soviet control.

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So, in topsy-turvy terms, you would meet your hostess, this sovereign revolution increasingly dependent on Russian and Chinese imperialism as it reduces the secure, traditional sale of petroleum to your nation. This prevents the essential right of every citizen to exercise the basic right to choose competent authorities for ensuring food, employment, security, education and health.


In both fiction and reality, backfires like this exit out of the ass. How would that sound in your native language?


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