President Obama and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: Did their public

statements confirm or refute the idea that they want to 'contain' China?



Obama's 'Un-Neighborly' Asia Tour (China Daily, China)


During his Asian tour, has President Obama undermined U.S. claims about not wanting to contain China? This editorial from state-run China Daily doesn't believe a word of it, and castigates Obama and his Asian hosts, specifically Japan's Shinzo Abe, for mischaracterizing China as a threat, and undermining the very prosperity they claim to promote.




April 30, 2014


People's Republic of China - China Daily - Original Article (English)

An adoring crowd greets President Obama at Malacanang, the palace of Philippine President Aquino in Manila, Apr. 28.


CCTC CHINA: Obama 'appears more firm' aboout committment to Philippines security, Apr. 30, 00:2:34RealVideo

As many have observed, U.S. President Barack Obama's Asia visit is essentially about the discomfort felt by the U.S. and its allies over a rising China.


From Tokyo to Manila, Obama tried to choose his words so as not to antagonize Beijing. But from the U.S.-Japan joint statement to the new U.S.-Philippines defense agreement, it has become increasingly obvious that Washington takes Beijing as an opponent. With Obama reassuring American allies about protection in any conflict with China, it's clear that Washington is no longer bothering to conceal its attempt to contain China's influence. Saying America's pivot to the Asia-Pacific is not targeted at China is even more unconvincing than it was.


Obama's rhetoric about peace and international law rings hollow, because it contradicts what he and Washington have been doing. For instance, the U.S.-Japan statement provides dangerous license to an increasingly right-wing prime minister, Shinzo Abe, to provoke even more trouble. Abe's disregard of history, and Obama's endorsement of his rightist inclinations will only cause greater instability.


For a considerably long time, Chinese have cherished the naive notion that when unruly allies go too far, Washington will rein them in. Obama's current trip should be a wake-up call that this idea was just wishful thinking. His sweet promises of a new kind of major power relationship shouldn't blind us to the grim geopolitical reality: by ganging up with its troublemaking allies, the United States is presenting itself as a security threat to China.


The foremost threats are not disputes that estrange China from its neighbors Japan and the Philippines. Rather, it is the threatening image of China being projected and marketed by those malicious neighbors and their backstage supporter.


Washington's biased portrayal of China and its legitimate territorial claims is conducive to its Asia pivot and stronger ties to its allies. But if the United States wants to benefit from a thriving Asia-Pacific, it should promote good-neighborliness instead.


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Further prosperity in the region requires for closer intra-regional connectivity, to which the current tensions are a threat. Washington should try to ease those tensions, not fan them.

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Most important of all, Washington must come to terms with the reality that China will continue to grow, and it will not follow the hegemonic path of the United States.


Before it is too late, Washington's best bet lies in collaborating with, not standing against, Beijing.


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