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Jesus Christ and the Movie Avatar


"The word avatara comes from Sanskrit and signifies something born without human intervention, i.e.: without intercourse, without sin, father unkown. Jesus Christ is an avatar ... as is the main character in the film: created without intercourse and little intervention from nature."


By Huascar Vega Ledo


Translated By Paula van de Werken


January 7, 2010


Bolivia - Bol Press - Original Article (Spanish)

Bolivian President Evo Morales has praised Avatar for its 'profound show of resistance to capitalism and the struggle for the defence of nature.' He reportedly made the comment after seeing the movie with his 15-year-old daughter.



BBC NEWS AUDIO: How to speak Na'vi, 00:04:16, Dec. 12 RealVideo

We said goodbye to 2009 without liquor, healthily watching the film Avatar by James Cameron (we got it on the Internet). After seeing it, we hugged one another, wished everyone the best for 2010 and later watched the fireworks display provided by a neighboring town. It was in this way that my 2009 ended; I began 2010 with practically no sleep because of the nearby partying, the continuous boom of fireworks and the cheers that followed.


In 1966, Mario Moren Cantinflas starred in a film called Su Excelencia [Your Excellency]. Anyone who has seen it once or twice would observe that somehow, the world as it was portrayed by Cantinflas goes on as usual - that practically nothing has changed - that the coup in Honduras (June 28, 2009) resembles those portrayed in the 1966 film, and that Cantinflas' dialogue in the movie reflects practically the same injustices we see today.


The word “avatar” comes from the Sanskrit word avatara, and signifies something born without human intervention, i.e.: without intercourse, without sin, father unkown. Jesus Christ is an avatar, as is Krishna, Manco Capac, Mama Ocllo [both from Incan mythology], and other illuminated ones in earth's history. These are people born without human intervention.


The film Avatar takes this name because the lead character is formed by terrestrial genetic engineering, which creates a being from a mixture of human DNA and DNA from the indigenous people of an alien moon called Pandora ... a being created without intercourse and with little intervention from nature.


For the sake of brevity, I will focus on segments of the film that caught my attention. Fundamentally, the plot pits imperialism against biodiversity. Pachamama [Mother Earth] is the main “character” around which the others revolve. Mother Earth is present without being named; it's spoken of and seen as a harmonious connection between all living beings. It's spoken of as the reciprocity of choosing and being chosen, of the possibility of communicating and interacting with all types of beings or species, of respect for life and of surviving in harmony with the environment. 



On the other side, the issue of imperialism is touched on with all the severity that fiction permits. On this fictional moon of Pandora, the imperial army accompanying and providing military aid to a mining company is clearly seen, as is the method of spying on and infiltrating the natives to glean information and destroy them. They don’t care whether children are killed or entire civilizations destroyed. All that matters to them is extracting raw material and getting rich. It is an attitude similar to that of NATO in Iraq or Israel in Palestine; it is the imperial attitude with all the coarseness and fiction of cinema. And in the cinema - the good guys win. But in reality - that reality that disrupted my sleep - there is no change. Cantinflas' 1966 film Su Excellencia and Avatar of 2009, as different as they are, portray a painfully similar reality.




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The goal of protecting the environment makes Cameron’s Avatar current. The intention that Bolivia is now forcefully bringing to the world's attention are the rights of Mother Earth. But deep down, imperial domination and abuse continues. I hope that this year, 2010, will see substantial changes. Let’s hope that Mother Earth will be respected, and that the methods of production will be noticeably changed. Let us hope that we create things that don't generate as much garbage. Let us hope that the strong desire of the film's good guys is realized.


Hopefully a little dialogue that goes almost unnoticed in the film Avatar - about a military campaign in the jungles of Venezuela - will not be part of our reality in the future. Hopefully during future New Years, we won’t contaminate the night with fireworks (it's amazing how much gunpowder we scatter across the world on the same day!)



I speculated almost until dawn on January 1, 2010, until I was finally able to fall asleep. I hope that this difficult nap conveys the degree of hope needed for the coming year.


Jesus Christ is an avatar who for more than 2010 years has struggled to give us a more cohesive society. Let us help him. Let us help ourselves.



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