Wolfgang Schäuble: Pointing the big guns of federal power at Scientology.



Bild am Sonntag, Germany

Scientology Seeks to 'Gain Power' in Germany


"In order to execute our planetary rescue campaigns we need to reach the highest levels of the German government in Berlin"


--Internal Scientology document released by German intelligence


By Von R. Eichinger und J. Gaugele


Translated By Ulf Behncke


November 12, 2007


Germany - Bild am Sonntag - Original Article (German)

Hamburg: The best-known face of Scientology is that of superstar Tom Cruise, one of the most popular actors in the world. But security authorities are convinced that behind the Hollywood facade hides a dangerous cult that is reaching for power – even within Germany.


“Scientology is an unconstitutional organization” says Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (of the Christian Democratic Union ) in an interview with BILD am SONNTAG. “Significant and fundamental human rights, such as the right to human dignity and the right to equal treatment are to be restricted or repealed. The democratic system is being rejected.”


The dramatic warning to the Interior Minister: "Scientology is also working out in Germany, political power and influence to gain."


The Interior Minister's dramatic warning: “Scientology is working to gain political power and influence in Germany as well.”


In its latest report, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution [one of Germany's intelligence agencies ] quotes from an internal document of the sect, which affords some terrifying insights. “Berlin, as the capital of Germany, is a vital address with regard to Scientology,” the report says. "In order to execute our planetary rescue campaigns we need to reach the highest levels of the German government in Berlin.”


The organization is extending its reach: At the beginning this year, Scientology's new center in Berlin was inaugurated - a six-floor glass palace with 4,000 square meters. New centers also opened in Madrid, London and Brussels.



Scientology has openly turned against democracy in the European Union. According to the findings of German intelligence, Europe is referred to as “The Fourth Reich” and its representatives as “Nazis,” against whom “war" is to be waged. According to Cult expert and author Ursula Caberta (The Black Book of Scientology): “The continent is to be conquered at last.” In The Black Book, the dreaded methods of Scientology are described:


Brainwashing: New members are substantially manipulated and estranged from their families. One must "regurgitate" the sect’s ideology. Children as young as four have been subjected to “cleansing rituals.”


Exploitation: To pay for questionable psycho-courses, members have to dig deep into their pockets. Some lose large portions of their assets to the sect.


Politicians will now substantially increase the pressure on Scientology. Friday’s conference of federal and state interior ministers began clearing the way for a possible ban.


Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble: “Education and prevention are most important when dealing with Scientology. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and other agencies will jointly present their findings in order to consider further steps.”


According to Der Spiegel, officials at the country's state and federal intelligence agencies and Office for the Protection of the Constitution still lack sufficient evidence to ban the controversial sect. Over the weekend, some politicians expressed skepticism about a ban.


"I doubt they'll find sufficient evidence to ban Scientology," the head of the Domestic Affairs Committee in the Bundestag, Sebastian Edathy, told Tagesspiegel. While Scientology is problematic, he said it, "wasn't really taking an axe to the democratic order."


The FDP [Free Democratic Party  ] considers a ban the wrong strategy. According to Deputy Chairperson of the FDP, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger: “The current Zeitgeist of Union (CDU/CSU - Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union) and the SPD [Social Democratic Party  ] seems to want to prohibit everything and everyone. The Union and the SPD have no faith in the intelligence of citizens.”


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Tom Cruise after delivering a speech at the inaguration of a Scientology church in Madrid in Sepember, 2004.

L. Ron Hubbard: The founder of Scientology. He died in 1986.

The present leader of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, 38.