A Turkey Air Force pilot in what is likely a U.S.-made F-16 Fighting

Falcon: The downing Friday of a a fighter of NATO-member Turkey

raises the stakes in the region significantly, marking an escalation

of Russian military involvement.



Moscow’s Military Action in Syria a ‘Gift’ to Washington (An Nahar, Lebanon)


“Russian involvement in Syria doesn’t worry Washington, as it breaks a rule that has stood since the fall of the Soviet Union, whereby Americans get involved, and Russians take advantage of the involvement of the Americans. This time around, it seems that Syria is the stage and it is Moscow pushing to be on it.”


By Ali Hamada


Translated By Amel Ben Aissa


June 23, 2012


Lebanon - An Nahar - Original Article (Arabic)

Demonstrators protest the al-Assad regime in front of the Syrian consulate in Istanbul, May 27. With the first NATO aircraft shot down off the Syrian coast, the situation is rapidly escalating.


AL-JAZEERA VIDEO: Syria says Turkish plane violated airspace, June 23, 00:02:07RealVideo

Whatever the truth behind the downing of a Turkish military aircraft off the Syrian coast; whether it was for purely technical reasons, it was shot down by the regime or it was brought down by Russian missiles mounted on battleships off the coast, what is certain is that the Syria conflict has taken a turn much more serious than ever before.


The Russian position is firm, and suggests that Moscow will go to even greater lengths to protect Bashar al-Assad’s regime and prevent its downfall. As for the regime and its main regional supporter Iran, they are willing to murder tens of thousands of Syrian citizens beyond the 15,000 already killed, and wouldn’t hesitate to use the Samson Option, making al-Assad’s downfall synonymous with the downfall of the entire region, plunging it into political chaos and insecurity.

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[The Sampson Option is Israel’s alleged deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a “last resort” against nations whose military attacks threaten its existence].



With Moscow raising the pace and magnitude of its direct military support to the point that it is clear it wants all concerned to understand that Russia is fighting for Syria, the situation has become complicated beyond what we have seen. The transport and shipment of weapons of every description, the mobilization of warships to Tartus and the presence of commando forces on the ground, all under the pretence of protecting Russian nationals in Syria, confirms the extent of the Kremlin's involvement in the battle for Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Sooner or later, Russian advisers will become legitimate targets for the rebels.


On the other hand, the most recent information suggests that the number of people in the “Free Syrian Army,” formed out of a combination of dissidents and civilians, now exceeds 70,000, and the flow of arms and ammunition has begun. They have achieved significant gains on the ground. International observers, including General Robert Mood, head of the U.N. Observer Mission in Syria, confirm that the regime has lost control of large portions of Syrian territory. In other words, the “Free Army” rebels are the ones preventing the regular army from regaining control of the land.


Russia’s gradual roll-out of military action on Syrian territory is fraught with risk, because it adds the international dimension to a local conflict and will result in the deaths of tens of thousands of new martyrs as it aggravates the armed conflict on the ground. Is this really what the United States fears? This is doubtful.



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Russian involvement in Syria doesn’t worry Washington, as it breaks a rule that has stood since the fall of the Soviet Union, whereby Americans get involved, and Russians take advantage of the involvement of the Americans. This time around, it seems that Syria is the stage and it is Moscow pushing to be on it.


Syria is rapidly headed toward a confrontation in which anything could happen. The most important thing for the revolution to grasp is that a settlement that does not bring down the regime is not a settlement - no matter the difficulty of the situation today. The tide of history is against Moscow, Tehran andcQardaha.


[Editor’s Note: Qardaha is a traditional Alawite town in Syria and home to the al-Assad family.]




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