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Osama: Now Being Licked by the 'Hottest Flames in Hell'


"Al-Qaeda's remnants will soon vanish into thin air, especially after realizing that they cannot escape the hand of justice. It may take some time, but justice will reach all terrorists. After all, Almighty Allah promised that sooner or later, all murderers will be killed."


By Ahmad Abdal Aziz Al Jarallah*


Translated By Ahmed Amir


May 5, 2011


Kuwait - Al-Seyassah - Original Article (Arabic)

An old and somewhat haggard looking man identified as Osama bin Laden watches himself on television, from a screen grab on a video tape found in his Pakistan hide out. It was one a a series of videos released by the Pentagon, part of a trove of data found in the raid to kill or capture him.

AL-JAZEERA VIDEO NEWS: The U.S. releases videos found in Osama bin Laden's mansion in Pakistan, May 7, 00:15:12RealVideo

The American commando operation in Abbottabad has brought to an end the legend of Osama bin Laden. This puts an end to the era of terrorism, which revealed its ugly face on September 11, 2001, when civilian aircraft struck the Pentagon and the World Trade Center towers in New York. On that day, bin Laden lied when he said his organization had nothing to do with the attack. But George W. Bush, the American president at the time, declared war on Afghanistan, where the al-Qaeda leader was the "shadow ruler."


After the incident, the world discovered the truth of those who perpetrated this heinous crime, particularly after bin Laden claimed responsibility. He was quoted as saying that he used his knowledge of engineering to determine what floors in the twin towers were best to target. [see video below] Bush was quoted as saying that the United States would keep bin Laden on the run until he was killed. Indeed, the terrorist remained at large until a small American force succeeded in getting him, under the direct orders of Barack Obama, who stressed, "The fight is against terrorism, not Islam."



The Islamic world is fully convinced that the war is against terrorism and not centrist Islam, which has given the earth some of its greatest of civilizations, and long ago declared the oneness of Allah the Almighty and the dignity all human beings. Islam teaches us to earn a living on the earth through harmony and peace for all human beings. It doesn't recognize borders and doesn't call for mass murder, while its foundations are based on love and harmony. Bin Laden never mentioned these, but was an evil man who spread hatred and inflamed conflicts between ethnic and religious groups. He killed 15,000 Sunni Muslims, even though he belonged to this group.


The world breathed a sigh of relief at the killing of the man who believed in the theory of uniting behind terrorism to justify hideous acts forbidden by Islam. He killed tens of thousands of souls protected by Allah the Almighty just to eliminate people who expressed different opinions. He never reflected on the Islamic faith. Islam cannot be judged based on his actions. This is something all of us must uphold, so not a single Islam-hijacking terrorist group can remain in the shadows, hiding behind baseless slogans and calls for fighting infidels who oppose Islam.  



The name bin Laden is now a thing of the past. Even if a few believe he's now surrounded by virgins in paradise, this doesn't reflect the views of Muslims who think that he is being licked by the very hottest flames of hell. The event itself should be a lesson to the remaining members of al-Qaeda, which is now in a state of rapid decline with the demise of its "godfather." Its remnants will soon vanish into thin air, especially after realizing that they cannot escape the hand of justice. It may take some time, but justice will reach all terrorists. After all, Almighty Allah promised that sooner or later, all murderers will be killed.




*Ahmed Al-Jarallah is editor-in-chief of Kuwait's Al-Seyassah


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