Iraqi Sunnis in revolt: The sectarian divide in the country appears to be

reaching a new breaking point, with Sunnis feeling increasingly excluded

from the Shiite-based Maliki Administration.



Toppling Maliki, Ending Iraq's Chaos, and Establishing Order (Al-Iraq News, Iraq)


"Prime Minister Maliki, commander-in-chief and primarily responsible for the security situation in the country, refuses to descend from the fragile throne he ascended to years ago through an open agreement between America and Iran. Maliki was put there as a cover for their mistakes. ...  His gambit to remain in power by relying on the Americans and Iranians was misplaced."


By Muhammad Yassine


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


March 1, 2013


Iraq - Al-Iraq News - Original Article (Arabic)

Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki: He has managed to stay on top through one of his nation's most turbulent periods - but at what price?

SAFA TV VIDEO, SAUDI ARABIA: Iraqi-Sunni politician al-Dulaimi: 'The Persian Personality understands nothing but force', Oct. 31, 00:01:28RealVideo

From the beginning of the occupation to this very day, the premise of Iraq's general situation has been chaos. That is an accurate description of the situation which no one denies, be they politicians who support the U.S.-Iranian episode, members of [Iraq's] national opposition, with its many ideological strands, or the Iraqi street, with all of its factions and tendencies.

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Assessing Iraq's political record is a thankless task, as it has no bright side. The goal has never been about building a civil society. Our politicians have mouthed the words of democracy and spoken them for media consumption only. It is only through political crisis that Iraqis understand the experience of their country, and in a nation that has never know peace, the widening divide among factions give Iraqis less than a glimmer of hope for a bright tomorrow.


Prime Minister Maliki, commander-in-chief of the armed forces and primarily responsible for the security situation in the country, refuses to descend from the fragile throne he ascended to years ago through an open agreement between America and Iran. Nouri al-Maliki was put there as a cover for their mistakes. Citing the Constitution, which he says gives him all rights and authority, Maliki has refused to give up even a small measure of influence or administrative authority to his political partners. With his poor judgment, he has lost many of his partners and allies, particularly among the Kurds.


Maliki's gambit to remain in power by relying on the Americans and Iranians was misplaced. When he ignored the demands of anti-government demonstrators on February 25th, 2011, he laid the groundwork for a worsening of the crisis between the corrupt political class and the disenfranchised public. No one can deny the success Maliki has had cutting down to size his political partners, who obeyed his deranged demands to resign in return for personal favors and privileges. With privileges granted by marginalizing and excluding huge segments of the Iraqi people, these partners conspired against the voters and their constituents, hiding under the cloak of Maliki's dictatorial powers.


It goes without saying that the popular uprising, which began about 50 days ago in a number of Iraqi provinces, has drawn closer to becoming a widespread revolt. And it is a movement that threatens the entire political process, rather than being aimed at correcting Iraq's failed path. It is clear that the success to this popular revolt, including amassing all of the elements and people needed for bringing down the current political process, is closer to reality than ever.




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In addition, national forces aligned against the U.S.-Iranian occupation, which are increasingly visible on the Iraqi political scene, are becoming more influential and have a greater capacity to extricate Iraq from crisis and remove it from the Iranian fold. Being patriots motivated by the concern and responsibility we feel toward our country and people, it is incumbent upon us to participate in the people's revolt  against injustice and dictatorship. All according to their ability must prepare for the era to come, when all Iraqis are accepted and recognized. During this phase, we must point out the ideological, cultural and political demands of the revolution, as it is clear the revolutionary status of our people has matured. They have answered the wise directives of their religious leaders and free patriots.


By backing off of the decision to march to Baghdad, they have wisely focused on calling for their legal rights rather than insisting on any new demands. The objective of educating people about the revolution is the need to end the chaos and establish order. This chaos has not created a state, but rather an authority and other externally-funded power centers. What pushed Iraqis to come out to demonstrate in their millions is the chaos, the current apportionment of power, and the exclusion of the vast majority of people. The only alternative left is for those with wisdom to go along with the choice of their own people, bring down chaos, and establish order.




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