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Alhayat Aljadeeda, Palestinian Territories

Israel Uses 'Diplomatic Terrorism' Against the United States


"America is in a panic over the diplomatic terrorism being practiced by the Netanyahu government, which consists of pretending that Israel is preparing to strike Iran to protect itself from an Iranian nuclear bomb. Ö Unless Arabs show Americans what they stand to lose, the U.S. will never understand how to mend its ways."


By Adli Sadek

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Translated By James Jacobson


March 12, 2010


Palestine - Alhayat Aljadeeda - Original Article (Arabic)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: When his government announced plans to build 1600 new homes on what is widely percieved to be occupied Palestinian land in East Jerusalem, it was a major slap in the face to visiting Vice President Joe Biden.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Vice President Biden 'rebukes' Israel over settlement plans, 00:02:24, Mar. 10 RealVideo

The moment Joseph Biden arrived in Tel Aviv, I wrote that while his public mission was to reach an agreement on a format for [Israeli-Palestinian] talks, in substance it had more to do with American panic over the diplomatic terrorism being practiced by the Netanyahu government, which consists of pretending that Israel is preparing to strike Iran to protect itself from an Iranian nuclear bomb.


Taking into account that, for reasons we previously explained, the deliberate attack being hinted at by Netanyahu isn't acceptable to the United States, it seems that American diplomacy has swallowed Israel's bait: It no longer wants anything but to prevent the alleged attack.


As far as America's backroom instigators, the neoconservatives, are concerned, Middle East shuttle diplomacy by U.S. envoys and settling on a format for negotiations has very little value, since the Arabs are impotent and have no alternative.


From the Arab side, there's little left in the form of diplomatic, security or economic leverage to force the United States to stop and think about the issues, and behave like the world's leading nation, rather than naively swallowing the bait of the enemies of global stability and the producers of war, who seek to prolong a military occupation without precedent in the world or history.


During Joe Bidenís Israel tour, he seemed to placate the Netanyahu government on more than one level by raising Americaís tone against Iran and once again marketing the idea that Iran is a danger to Arab countries. Meanwhile, Israel trumpeted its alleged desire for peace in the region while denying the issue that is central to Arabs and Muslims [Palestinian statehood], treating it as merely a passing event of no importance!


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Netanyahu and his government extort the Americans, and the Americans naively give in, firing off foolish warnings about the dangers posed by Iran and demanding that the Arabs fall into line. The occupiers, who live in a world of dark myths and anxiety, have a ghetto complex and a philosophy that cannot tolerate the idea of reaching a settlement.


One watches in amazement as Israel poisons the entire world and embarrasses leaders that the Americans themselves describe as ďmoderatesĒ and worthy partners for peace, in order to achieve their misguided ends. When the Americans speak of Arab partners in the peace process, they pour their anger out over those that are not fit as partners, as if their hands arenít full with an Israeli partner who never understood the meaning of peace in the first place!



Abu Mazen [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas] went to the Arabs anticipating talks that would take about four months. No one expected things to begin with such a dose of Israeli poison [the announcement of plans to build 1600 homes in East Jerusalem]. Now, the Americans are trying to justify this by saying that the next step is up to the Arab side. In this context, the critical question becomes: Can the Arab system, with all of its factions, adopt a strategy for pressuring Washington that is based on tangible issues like monetary deposits, oil prices, economic cooperation, security partnership, logistical support and other factors? The Arabs aren't ready, which is why the initiative is in the hands of extremists on both sides - who have the sympathy of the masses.


If the Arabs were ready, the would begin by drafting a document that lays out the specifics of their position, in which they would make clear in no uncertain terms that we have no problem with Iran; that security and logistical cooperation between Arabs and America has had disastrous results; that this has exposed our society to a dangerous threat to its stability; that this has only increased Israel's orgy of occupation and has brought disappointment, confusion, and life on the verge of catastrophe.



Unless Americans know what they stand to lose, they'll never understand how to mend their ways. If they didnít have Netanyahu lying to them and terrorizing them with the pretense that he's preparing to strike Iran - a tactic designed to make America drop everything just to beg him to be rational - then we could be more straight-forward with America and ourselves, and the U.S. wouldn't betray every principle of the peace process as well as moderates and friends.


We have just as many crazy people in our political class as the Jewish state does. If America welcomes and relies upon the political vocabulary of Zionist madness for the settling of disputes, mediation and negotiations, then we need to adopt a more noble madness that leads Arab political life and allows us a bit of democracy. Whatever falls from the sky can be retrieved on earth!






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