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America and the ‘Global War Against Syria’ (Al Baath, Syria)


Is an unjust global war against led by the United States being waged against Syria? According to columnist Ahmad Abu Saluum al-Monasirah of Syria’s state-controlled Al Baath newspaper, American attempts to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad reflect yet another failure of U.S. foreign policy, and the position of Russia and China demonstrate that America no longer stands as the world’s unchallenged dominant power.


By Ahmad Abu Saluum al-Monasirah


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


May 30, 2012


Syria - Al Baath – Original Article (Arabic)

One of dozens of children killed at point blank range during a house to house rampage of innocents, in Houla, Syria, on May 26. At least 32 children under ten were killed in this fashion. The Syrian government denied its troops were behind the attack.


RUSSIA TODAY VIDEO: President Putin and German Chancellor Merkel reject Syrian invasion and euro collapse, June 1, 00:05:43RealVideo

When we use logic to delve into the details of that headline, we should be pondering the motives of the U.S. administration about events in Syria and the depth of American involvement in the crisis.


If we closely examine recent events in Syria, it becomes a simple matter to grasp that America’s position regarding this global war against Syria, the country, its people, its history, and its present and future, takes the form of a clever pragmatism. It is a position that shifts moment by moment. Sometimes it appears to depend on the situation on the ground, and at others on the regional and international political winds, which are to some extent embodied by statements of U.S. administration officials that can be characterized as mysterious, vague and at times, politically stupid.


Given the sensitivity of the region and the geostrategic importance enjoyed by Syria, the current crisis has consequences that are international in scope. The world appears sharply divided between two global blocs that encompass almost every nation and many political, economic and even social groups. And these two blocs are led and represented by Russia and China on the one side and the forces of old and new colonialism on the other, including the United States, Great Britain, France and some others.


The international front standing with Syria and the rightful Arab cause is laboring to restore the tradition of international legitimacy, the rights of the people to determine their fate and respect for the sovereignty of independent nations.


Within this context, we find that American policy, in light of how the crisis has developed, appears to have sustained a series of traumatizing shocks. So now, after being surprised by its incapacity to achieve any form of breakthrough that would serve its interests and steer events in a direction to its choosing, we see that it attempting to insulate itself from the consequences of the Syria crisis.


Sitting at the United Nations Security Council, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice offer a lengthy explanation of her country’s position regarding the Syrian crisis, and asserting unashamedly that the U.S. will boost its assistance to the Syrian opposition to order to help unify its ranks. On more than one occasion, Ms. Rice has confessed that her country provides logistical support - and doubtless that is not limited to providing medical or humanitarian backing, since we have seen some of this “support” appear in the Kazzaz neighborhood of Damascus, the Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo, then the houses of the Ayyash neighborhood in Deir Al Zor.


We all know that the U.S. administration’s declared refusal to provide weapons to the opposition is nothing but a huge public lie, since it knows that armed groups in Syria have access to weapons only with its full knowledge and blessing.


Still, the most dangerous thing about Ms. Rice’s comments concerned the terrorist massacre that took place in the neighborhood of Kazzaz on the tenth of this month, when she simply said: “The twin bombings on Thursday are a major and dangerous demonstration that “the situation is approaching a moment of truth in which the Council will need to decide whether we are prepared, if there is continued non-compliance, to take the logical next step, which is to increase the pressure on the Assad regime through collective action.” Of course she said this without condemning the crime.

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Rice’s remarks lead us to discuss U.N. envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan, which Washington has always looked on with suspicion, questioning its chances of success and even besieging it by repeatedly making accusations against the Syrian government and calling for a determined effort to topple our government.



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In the end, Washington’s welcome of the U.N. envoy’s peace plan on the one hand and directly attacking it on the others, is a clear reflection of America’s confused foreign policy, which is first and foremost based on its own interests and is far from taking into account the considerations of anyone else.


Certainly, the chaos and tension felt in U.S. foreign policy circles is due to Syrian steadfastness in the face of the conspiracy against it, and the refusal on the part of Russia and China to allow this conspiracy to pass in the Security Council. The United States is now fully aware that it is no longer the only player that counts on the global stage, and its failure in Syria will be added to those of the wars of the previous American administration.




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