Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Martin Dempsey, left, walks

next to Egypt Lieutenant General Sami Anan. Dempsey is in Egypt

to meet Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, head of the ruling military

council, in part to inquire into the welfare of 19 Americans who face

charges in connection with the activities of U.S. non-profits in Egypt.



Al Ahram, Egypt

Raids on Offices of American NGOs Reveal Scheme to 'Partition' Egypt


Is it possible that American citizens, now under arrest in Cairo, were involved with a plot to partition Egypt into four smaller states? According to columnist Muhammad Dunia of Egypt's state-run Al-Ahram, maps that were discovered during a raid on the Cairo offices of the U.S.-based International Republican Institute prove that at least some of the foreign NGOs operating in Egypt are actively involved with the scheme, which Dunia calls a long-term 'American-Zionist' project.


By Muhammad Dunia


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


February 9, 2012


Egypt - Al Ahram - Original Article (Arabic)

The irrepressible Dr. Bernard Lewis: Long detested by Islamists, Dr. Lewis is one of the West's leading historians and interpreters of the Middle East.


TVO INTERVIEW, CANADA: A conversation with Bernard Lewis, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University and author of the book 'What Went Wrong?: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response,' Jan. 6, 00:27:03WindowsVideo

Over the past few days, some Western media have begun to revisit the old idea of a plan to partition Egypt based on the American-Zionist project to divide the country into four states.


The first would be in the Sinai, east of the Nile River delta, under Jewish influence. The second, with Alexandria as its capital and extending South to Asyut, would be Christian. The third would be in the Nubia region, and the fourth would be a Berber state with Cairo as its capital.


Up to now, some thought the ravings about this suspicious plot were for domestic political consumption only. But during the investigation into illegal funding of non-governmental organizations by Egyptian justice, maps were found inside an American non-governmental organization [the International Republican Institute] laying out plans to partition the country.


The subject wasn't really a secret, as a scheme to divide Egypt into an Islamic State in the North and a Christian one in the South was leaked on the Internet not long ago. This is particularly dangerous because some international media have exploited the protests at the Maspiro TV station [by Coptic Christians - 27 were killed]. Certain analysts and researchers of Middle East affairs sought to revive the notion by posting partition maps on the Web. This demonstrates both foreign and domestic hands behind what is happening now in Egypt.


Let us return to the partition maps, which confirm the existence of the scheme, and which turned up during a raid on the American NGO headquarters. The plan can be traced back to a British Middle East scholar of Jewish origin, Bernard Lewis. It was Lewis who came up with the most detailed plan for partitioning the Arab and Islamic world from Pakistan to Morocco. The plan was published in the U.S. Defense Department magazine. So who is Bernard Lewis?


An expert on military strategy, General Sameh Sayf al-Yazal, says that according to the information available, Lewis was born in London in 1916, is a British Middle East researcher of Jewish faith, and a Zionist. He is a U.S. citizen who graduated from the University of London in 1936, where he taught Oriental and African studies. He delved deeply and frequently into the history of Islam and Muslims, writing negatively about it - and became a recognized expert on the subject.  




In 1980, when the Iran-Iraq War was raging, U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Bzerzhinsky said that the dilemma for the United States would be how to correct the borders agreed to under the Sykes-Picot Agreement by triggering a second Gulf War. This would be waged along the sidelines of the first one - the Iraq-Iran War. After Bzerzhinsky made this statement, the U.S. Defense Department commissioned Zionist conspirator Bernard Lewis to draw up his now famous scheme to individually dismantle the constitutional unity of Arab and Muslim states, including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and the nations of North Africa. The new nations would be partitioned along ethnic, religious, sectarian and tribal lines. He included detailed maps with his plan, which were drawn up under his direct supervision.


Regarding the details of the U.S.-Zionist project to partition the Muslim world, General Sayf al-Yazal adds that according to Bernard Lewis, Egypt is destined to be divided into four states. The first would be comprised of the Sinai and east of the Nile River Delta and be under Jewish influence in order to achieve the Jewish dream of a land spanning from the Nile to the Euphrates. The second would be a Christian state with Alexandria as its capital. Its area would extend south of Bahr Yusuf to southern Asyut, stretch westward to include al-Fayum, and follow the line of the desert through Wadi al-Natrun to make the new nation contiguous with Alexandria. It would also be widened to include part of the coastal area stretching to Mersa Matruh. The third state of Nubia, which would run along the border with North Sudan and the Sahara Desert, would have its capital in Aswan and would connect up with the southern part of Egypt, also known as Upper Egypt. Nubia would share a border with the Berber state, which would extend from southern Morocco to the Red Sea. This would essential comprise Islamic Egypt with Cairo as its capital, and would include all the remaining parts of Egypt. This nation, too, would be destined to be under Israeli influence, and would be within the purview of the Greater Israel coveted by the Jews.



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According to General Sayf al-Yazal, this information confirms beyond doubt that these plans against Egypt have been under development for years; that foreign hands seek to topple Egypt by exploiting the violence that has erupted since the revolution; and that foreign hands seek to implement this plan and revive the idea of partitioning Egypt. The latest evidence is the partition maps discovered during a raid of the offices of an American organization operating in Egypt [the International Republican Institute]. It is a notion that has already been mentioned by foreign media, and several international seminars have been organized to discuss the possibility within the context of political developments in the Middle East - and Egypt in particular. The goal is to partition the region's largest country into smaller states that will be incapable of facing down the major global blocs. General al-Yazal warns people not to be drawn into implementing the scheme, and that all segments of Egyptian society should be aware of these plans and do whatever it takes to put a stop to them.




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