Obama and Aquino: Does deal seal U.S. defense of Philippines?



AUDIO: Is U.S. Troop Return a Raw Deal for the Philippines? A Talk with Jarius Bondoc (Worldmeets.US Radio News)


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May 5, 2014


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Welcome everyone to Worldmeets.US radio news, I am your host, managing editor William Kern. Over the course of a week, President Obama made his way through Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, and tonight we are going to focus our attention on the Philippines, which is a country with long, deep and at times painful history with the United States. The U.S. subdued and occupied the country in 1902, after it was occupied by Spain for the better part of 300 years, and remained there until 1991. Now, though, thanks to documents signed during President Obama's Asian tour, U.S. forces are coming back to that country as part of the Obama Administration's Asia pivot.


President Obama's Asia trip was designed to boost a free trade deal, the trans-pacific partnership, and calm the jangled nerves of U.S. allies in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia and others, who are concerned about a resurgent China and its competing territorial claims, while at the same time, convincing Beijing that the United States doesn't seek to contain China. Which brings me to our guest tonight, Jarius Bondoc.


Jarius Bondoc has been a journalist for over three decades and is a columnist for The Philippine Star and the Pilipino Star Ngayon. He hosts a weekly radio program, Sapol ni Jarius Bondoc, Saturday mornings on DWIZ 882-AM from 8-10 a.m. and he has won a slew of awards for his work as a columnist and investigative reporter in his native Philippines including the Rotary Club of Manila Print Journalist of the Year award in 1989, Opinion Writer of the Year award in 2004, Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption Outstanding Journalist of the Year award in 2005, and the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas Golden Dove Award for Best Radio Commentary in 2005. In July 2007 he was voted into the RCM Journalism Awards Hall of Fame after receiving his third Columnist of the Year trophy. And in Oct. 2013, he was voted Metrobank Foundation Journalist of the Year. He is author of ExposÚs: Investigative Reporting for Clean Government, in which he covers some of the stories he broke. Bondoc also helped found Philippine newspapers the Observer, the Daily Globe and Today, where he also served as an editor and columnist. He was publisher and president of Isyu, the country's first and only all-opinion daily from 1995-1998, and he has hosted numerous talk shows. He was also founding president of the Plaridel Media Forum, an organization dedicated to fighting corruption in media and upgrading the skills of practitioners.  


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