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It may be the mistake of the century: The NSA's undermining of encryption and its suruptitious building of 'backdoors' into the products of U.S. firms has been catastrophic for the Internet giants, which may soon be excluded from the China market unless they openly provide the same to Beijing. Meanwhile, Japan Prime Minister Abe just addressed Congress to 'apologize to the souls' of America's war dead, but enraging China and Korea by not apologizing for the 'comfort women,' and talking up the the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which now excludes China - America's second largest trade partner. How does any of this make sense? We get answers with China Money Report's Dan Collins and Webmaster of Xander Dal Riata.


May 2, 2015


United States - Worldmeets.US Video Package - (English)

Issue One - The US-China-Japan Nexus: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe just concluded a state visit to the United States during which he delivered an extraordinary speech to a joint session of Congress [video, right]. Speaking entirely in English, Abe said: "I offer with profound respect my eternal condolences to the souls of all American people that were lost during World War II," but amazingly, he pointedly did not apologize for Imperial Japan's enslavement of the "comfort women" young women either kidnapped or otherwise suborned into being sex slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army. In so doing he may have won points in Washington but he pissed the heck out of the Chinese and Koreans. Why? What's his game?


Issue Two: With the U.S. tech giants under fire from governments for instituting encryption, which only came about as a way to calm angry users betrayed by corporate cooperation with the NSA and other spy services, China is working on an anti-terrorism law that would require all manufacturers with access to the China market to build backdoors into their products and provide encryption keys for the authorities to use. What is the status of China's anti-terror law and will U.S. manufacturers like Apple and Google comply?


Issue Three: President Obama is making a big push to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership - a trade deal that would govern 40 percent of all U.S. exports and encompass 40 percent of the world's GDP and 26 percent of the world's trade. Where does China fit into this, and can we believe assurances by TPP advocates that the deal would boost labor and environmental standards rather than diminish them, and prove less destructive to the U.S. middle class than NAFTA and other recent massive trade deals?

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About the Panel: Dan Collins is founder of Tiger Hill Capital, a boutique asset management advisory firm, and The China Money Report, one of the world's leading financial sites on China. China Money Report covers financial and geopolitical issues around China's rise and how the world should prepare for the emergence of the next global superpower. Dan has lived in China for almost 20 years and speaks, reads and writes Chinese, so is able to follow events like few others.

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Xander Dal Riata is the creator of, which digs deep below the surface of what's going on in terms of cyber, economics and the general matrix of misinformation that Americans are subjected to on a daily basis. Specifically, full spectrum dominance is an open-source technology and economics awareness portal founded in 2008 by our guest, and is dedicated to sharing information buried by mainstream news editors..

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William Kern is the founder and managing editor of Worldmeets.US and the inventor of trans-copyediting, a system for checking the accuracy of translated copy from any language. Since 2005, managing a team of dedicated volunteer translators, Kern has edited, packaged and posted thousands of columns of news and opinion about America from publications around the world and from every major language, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian and Farsi. From the height of the Iraq War to the annexation of Crimea right up to today, Kern and his team have provided intelligence to the American people by opening up a whole new media world.

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