Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia

Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia

Communists Say Avatar Director 'Robbed' Soviet Science Fiction


St. Petersburg Communists call Cameron a Soviet science fiction raider


Controversial party demands arrest of Avatar's director


Cameron stole nothing from the Strugatskys, but the Communists think otherwise.


By Inna Tuchinskaya


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


January 11, 2010


Russia - Komsomolskaya Pravda - Original Article (Russian)

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky: Did director James Cameron 'plunder' their work and the work of other Soviet-era writers to make Avatar? Boris Strugatsky says no, but that isn't stopping the St. Petersburg Communist Party from calling for Cameron's arrest.



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As already reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda, Boris Strugatsky himself announced on his Web site that he has no claims against James Cameron and doesn't accuse him of plagiarism. Nevertheless, the communists of St. Petersburg/Leningrad have decided not to believe him. Moreover, they've decided to demand an extradition warrant.



Indignant party members say that Cameron, prepared to do anything to execute the command of the White House, surreptitiously entered the mysterious and romantic world of Soviet science fiction, and transferred all the action to his primitive propaganda film and to the Strugatsky-created world of planet Pandora. Completely devoid of imagination, Cameron plundered Strugatskys' novels, and books by Yefremov, Bulychev and Snegov, naively believing that no one would notice the theft. You were mistaken, mister! St. Petersburg Communists accuse you and your masters of robbing Soviet science fiction!


Scandalized communists not only demand that Russia ban all films by James Cameron, they want a special parliamentary commission created to screen foreign films to be shown in Russia. Their other request: "fire the leaders of Ruskino, which procures films created through the theft of Russia's intellectual property for Russian screening."

[Editor's Note: Ruskino is a Russian Web site that allows people to watch and review films and TV shows.]



Party members were incensed not only by the "theft of an entire planet from Soviet books," but also the harmful influence the movie has on children.


After seeing the dark blue snouts of the creatures created by Cameron's inflamed brain, teenagers get scared and don't sleep well at night. Consequently, their parents get nervous and then do badly at work.


Direct Quotes from Russia's Charter 97:

Russia - Charter 97 - Original Article (Russian)


Dmitry Frolov, a member of Slantsy RK KPLO:

"It's not that we believe Cameron's film Avatar is some kind of ideological sabotage, as some media report. This is simply the theft and misappropriation of socialist intellectual property - the contents of books and films of Soviet science fiction. In any country, such acts fall under the Criminal Code. We demand the issuance of an international arrest warrant for Mr. Cameron, who borrowed all the characters, ideas and general life on Pandora and handed it to a crazy cyborg paratrooper. Not only in all Russian airports! Cameron must be apprehended in any country on earth that's a member of Interpol!"



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Yekaterina Petrova, secretary of the Volkhov RK KPLO:

"This star-spangled scum has lifted his hand against the artistic heritage of the deceased Strugatsky, Efremov, Bulychev and director Paul Arsenov, using the fact that deceased authors can't write a statement to the prosecutor. But we will write the statement! Why is Polanski, who seduced a Pioneer, deservedly arrested, while this gangster Cameron calmly walks the earth shoveling in dollars, earned by stealing Pandora from Soviet books? Most likely, Cameron's agents secretly bought Soviet science fiction novels in advance, snatching whole pages from them - even entire episodes to the delight of Obama and his clique!"


Andres Tamm, Estonian immigrant a member of the KPLO:

"I think we can do without an international arrest warrant for Cameron. This is a matter for international arbitration. A sufficient response would be to expel a number of aggressive American diplomats from Russia - for example, those who fund the Orange Alternation and drink bloody tea with it. Another good thing would be to say to hell with the U.S. Consulate in St. Petersburg and give the building to the House of Pioneers. Then Obama himself might push Cameron to admit that he robbed the Strugatsky brothers and the film Andromeda Nebula."



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