['Strike of the Sword' is the name of a U.S. military operation

that began in June, 2009, in Afghanistan's Helmand River Valley.]

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The Frontier Post, Pakistan

U.S. Intelligence on al-Qaeda is as Reliable as Ever!


"One might very well say with the same authority, that those who Hillary claims are holed up 'somewhere' in Pakistan are ensconced in New York or Washington. … And let us suppose they are here. Who is to blame?"




November 1, 2009


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Pakistan: America is a tough sell.


BBC NEWS AUDIO.: Clinton must fight to win over a skeptical Pakistanis, Oct. 29, 00:05:41RealVideo

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has kept alive her family tradition. When her husband Bill Clinton as president favored this country with a brief visit, he took time out of his five hour trip to appear on state broadcaster PTV to admonish, heckle and lecture us natives of Pakistan. She likewise has used our soil to administer a severe taunt to us during her just-concluded visit, which a fawning media, civil society and commentariat euphemistically billed as a charm offensive.


She loudly expressed her belief that we Pakistanis are liars, cheats and frauds. Their best information, she blared, is that the al-Qaeda leadership is “somewhere” in Pakistan and that it is unbelievable that no one in Pakistan's government knows where - and that they could have been caught if the government wanted to find them. But when it comes to her information, the less said the better.


The perpetrators of the September 11 terrorist strike did their planning in the German city of Hamburg; and training for the attack occurred at American aviation academies; yet the immense intelligence apparatus of the United States, that boasts of over two dozen agencies, had no clue of this whatsoever. That should be enough to demonstrate the fitness of her information. Her information is obviously conjecture. And if one were to engage in conjecture, one might very well say with the same authority, that those who are holed up “somewhere” in Pakistan are ensconced in New York or Washington.


And let us suppose they are here. Who is to blame? Before Sept.11, al-Qaeda was hardly known in this country nor the world at large. Back then, Americans led a coalition of armies to invade Afghanistan, not only to oust the Taliban but dismantle al-Qaeda and take out Osama bin Laden - dead or alive. Yet they failed to put enough boots on the ground to mop up the fleeing rump of al-Qaeda and man the borders to prevent them from escaping.


Because of this operational oversight - which verged on outright cowardice as far as America and its invader allies are concerned - the rump of al-Qaeda took refuge inside Afghanistan and remained embedded with their Taliban friends who had returned to their homes and tribes. Scores of al-Qaeda fighters and their leaders who fled and sneaked back into Pakistan have been rounded up by us. But instead of drawing it kudos, it has come to be an article of faith by Americans, their Western allies and compulsive Pakistan-bashers, that Pakistan has been al-Qaeda base all along. This discourse stinks to high heaven.



Know this. Long before the 9/11 episode, American sleuths were on Osama’s trail. Yet they couldn’t capture him during or after invading Afghanistan. More curiously, even as they branded him enemy number one, the U.S. suspended their special team assigned to capture him "dead or alive" in 2005. If their intelligence is so accurate as Hillary claims it to be, they should have been able to take him out in one of their frequent drone attacks on our territory - attacks that kill many of our innocent children, women and their kith and kin.


It indeed could only be a queer kind of al-Qaeda that Americans and their close western allies claim to be ensconced in our territory. They assert that it poses a serious threat to their security and so want it

be finished off to secure their streets. But it is the streets of Pakistan, not Washington, London or Brussels, that this monstrosity with all its wickedness is soaking with the blood of innocent people. So whose proxy is this monstrosity? If some sense and wisdom is left among our hierarchy in Islamabad, it must open its religiously-sealed lips and finally speak out.    



The words of their American overseers and Western sidekicks don't square with reality. The Quetta Shura [the Taliban’s ruling council], Pakistan's hierarchy must know, could be the greatest crock of this century, given the fact that much of Afghanistan’s Pashtun land has been open to the Taliban’s since the day of the invasion - never encountering the slightest sign of occupying troops. Thus, Taliban leaders have never had need for a foreign sanctuary.  


The revival this CIA-invented contrivance by the Americans, Hillary included, should now demonstrate to our leadership which way the wind is blowing. The Obama Administration is struck deep in an Afghanistan quagmire with no easy way out. It will soon need whipping boys and scapegoats to blame its troubles on.


Let us not permit Pakistan to become another Cambodia for frustrated American invaders - that is what this hierarchy of Pakistan owes our people.  




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