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Jewish 'political prisoners' at Sachsenhausen concentration camp

in Poland, 1938: One of their tormentors, Josias Kumpf, now walks

free in Austria after being deported by the United States.



Neues Deutschland, Germany

Deported By U.S., Accused Nazi Gets Royal Treatment


"Too bad for fellow Nazi collaborator John Demjanjuk that he landed in Munich rather than Vienna ... a charity organization has transported Josias Kumpf to Vienna and quartered the suspected Nazi murderer in a high-end apartment in Döbling - with a rent of €1000 a month and 24-hour care."


By René Heilig


Translated By Jonathan Lobsien


July 17, 2009


Germany - Neues Deutschland - Original Article (German)

Josias Kumpf: In 1956, the former SS guard emigrated to the U.S., settling in Wisconsin, becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1964. In March he was deported to Austria and set free by the authorities there. Kumpf was never an Austrian citizen. He was born in the former Yugoslavia and his alleged crimes took place in Poland. Austria was simply his country of residence when he emigrated to the U.S.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: John Demjanjuk, alleged Nazi war criminal, charged with being an accessory to mass murder, July 13, 00:01:31RealVideo

Over the past three decades, U.S. authorities have deported 107 former Nazi war criminals. The latest is Ivan [John] Demjanjuk. The Nazi collaborator has been charged with being an accomplice in 27,900 cases of murder. Too bad for him that he landed in Munich rather than Vienna ...


The scandal began on April 3 with a phone call to the office of social assistance in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. Someone inquired about welfare for a man by the name of Josias Kumpf who had just returned home from the United States. The officials did some research and hastily informed the regional director for domestic security, Elmar Marent.


However, he noted that neither "penal nor administrative grounds" exist to "warrant police action." According to Marent, under Austrian law, the fact that he is a presumed mass murderer is barred from consideration under Austria's statute of limitations. Moreover, Kumpf was still a minor at the time, initially 17 or 18 years old. The Serbian-born Kumpf - like Demjanjuk - is reported to have stood in the ranks of the SS as a so-called Trawniki-man [The Polish city of Trawniki is where guards were trained for Operation Reinhard - the annihilation of Poland's Jews]. For example, at the concentration camp in Sachsenhausen. Kumpf is accused of crimes in Poland and France, as well as Trawniki itself. He's reported to have been involved in the executions of 8,000 men, women, and children. When questioned by U.S. interrogators, he confessed that he, "kept watch to make sure that those who weren't completely dead or were still twitching didn't climb out of the pit."


Kumpf lived for weeks in a home in Lochau on Lake Constance. Then on April 24, Kumpf’s relative parked the 83-year-old in a wheelchair in front of the Bregenz regional hospital. In need of care, Kumpf was treated and transferred to Rankweil on May 18. Then on the night of June 6, Caritas [a charity organization] transported Kumpf to Vienna and quartered the suspected murderer in a high-end apartment in Döbling [a prosperous area of the city] - with a rent of €1000 [$1400] a month and 24-hour care.    



Johannes Rauch, chairman of the Green Party in Vorarlberg, continues to be shocked: yesterday he told Neues Deutschland that this may be a matter of scandal on a variety of levels. His first charge is that Kumpf can move about the country unobserved and with complete freedom, shedding significant light on Austria’s handling of Nazi criminals and its observance of a statute of limitations on their crimes. This "slimy winking and sweeping under the rug of associations" with Austria’s Nazi past is, according to Rauch, partly responsible for the "new right being so strong in our republic." Secondly, it is unacceptable that neither the federal nor provincial governments saw any reason to keep the public informed about Kumpf. Third, anyone who compares such exquisite treatment of a suspected Nazi criminal to the everyday lives of those seeking asylum find cause for further outrage. In the case of the immigrants, they get pushed into an asylum and are deported as quickly as possible.  



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So will Kumpf continue without being charged? If it's left up to the Austrian authorities, the answer is yes. But there are other possibilities for bringing the SS collaborator to justice. In Spain, Nazi camp survivors have pressed charges against four former concentration camp overseers. Although their crimes didn't occur in Spain, a Madrid court allowed the charges. In the concentration camps at Mauthausen, Sachsenhausen and Flossenbürg alone, where Anton Tittjung, Josias Kumpf and Johann Leprich presided as guards alongside Demjanjuk, at least 4,300 Spanish prisoners died. Thus Judge Moreno has established jurisdiction for Spanish justice and has allowed the proceedings to move forward.


And there may be another alternative for bringing Kumpf to trial. According to the "Scene of the Crime Principle:" Sachsenhausen is located in Brandenburg. If Kumpf took part in any crimes there, the office of the public prosecutor in Neuruppin would be responsible. And whatever they may unearth during an intensive investigation could reveal enough for an indictment similar to the one lodged against Demjanjuk.















































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