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Pope 'Subliminally' Campaigns for John McCain


"In 2004, Ratzinger wrote an open letter to American bishops in which he stated that it's not possible to defend the right to abortion and receive communion, and that therefore, those who vote for Kerry, who take communion each Sunday, 'would be guilty of formal cooperation with the devil!'"


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Translated By Kate Davis


April 19, 2008


France - Le Journal du Dimanche au Quotidien - Original Article (French)

Since April 16 - his birthday - Pope Benedict XVI has been in the United States for a rather long trip (for an old person): a week. And he didn’t go there just to blow out the candles on the cake offered by Dubya (what poor taste: St. Peter’s Basilica stuffed with chocolate, cream and fruit!), proof of the lack of culture on the part of our “friends” on the other side of the Atlantic. Hello indigestion!


[The last phrase "Hello indigestion!" reads in French: Bonjour la crise de foi(e)! This is a play on words using the French phrases crise de foie, which means indigestion, and crise de foi, which means crisis of faith].


The great reporter of the Nouvel Observateur, V. Jauvert, confirms for us on his blog: “The Pope is (subliminally) campaigning for J. McCain.” He tells us that the official visit of a Pope during a very tight election campaign is “contrary to tradition.” And this trip, beyond the spiritual and political, is a pretext to support the "pro life" candidate.


Indeed, American Catholics represent a significant, if not primary, segment of the electorate. Already in 2004, a majority supported Dubya (pushing him over the edge) because the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith  said to vote against the - Catholic! - candidate J. Kerry, who was in favor of abortion. At that time, the president of the Congregation was Cardinal J. Ratzinger, who became head of the Catholic Church a year later …


And the blogger notes: “He wrote an open letter to American bishops in which he stated that it's not possible to defend the right to abortion and receive communion, and that therefore, those who vote for Kerry, who take communion each Sunday, “would be guilty of formal cooperation with the devil!”


One can do nothing but admit: this Pope is a reactionary Pope. Favoring certain traditionalist views (didn’t he celebrate a Tridentine [Latin] Mass a few weeks ago ? Doesn’t he say mass every morning in accordance with this rite?), he decided to reaffirm a certain doctrine, from before the time of Vatican II, that of Pius XII - the former Cardinal Siri - a former archbishop of Genoa who refused the papacy several times and was known for his uncompromising faith and his anticommunism.


It is visible in his accoutrements: he regularly reuses old habits [Papal robes], ancient rites, old models and antique furniture. In short, he prefers old things … He finds old to be beautiful. And under the guise of beauty, he renews the ancient Church tradition, to the dismay of large parts of the French church and the laity, who are often taken aback (not to mention angered or scandalized) by the decisions made by the sovereign Pontiff.


To demonstrate this attachment to ancient rites and his respect for Archbishop Lefebvre (who has done so much harm to the Roman Church [died 1991, regarded as reactionary; excommunicated by Pope John Paul II ]), several days ago he appointed a priest in Neuilly [Paris] named Monsignor N. Brouwet to be auxiliary bishop in Nanterre, who regularly celebrates mass according to the rites of Saint Pius V [died 1572, involved in the early inquisition ]: … Must we point out that many priests (and the bishop of Nanterre) were also interviewed for this post?


Benedict XVI could clearly care less: he's there to restore tradition. We have sometimes seen transitional Popes, and now we have a one. The proof? He uses a cross that had been packed away in a closet since Paul VI [died 1978 ]; the pallium he wears around his neck was made using a quasi-medieval technique; and a Papal throne - which hadn’t been used since the 19th century - has been reinstalled … When will he bring back the tiara?


Pope Benedict's old-fashioned Pallium - the red and white garment.


So this Pope has all the qualities needed to please Dubya and the Christian fundamentalists who hold sway in the States. Pope Ratzinger hasn't yet understood that today, those who want to kill the Catholic faith are not Muslims but evangelical fundamentalists. But no matter, he shares their fundamentalist ideals, the same religious excesses, the same condemnations of our modern society.


Obviously, the most reformist cardinals and Catholics desperately hope that the reign of Benedict XVI won’t last too long … Not that they want him to die, but after the painful end of John Paul II, everyone in the Roman Church yearned for a bit of fresh air, a certain life-saving youthfulness to save the Church and reconnect it with our society, making it more intelligible and closer to the people.



Instead, not content with the sadness of many of the faithful, Benedict XVI is further distancing the Church from our societies. With his reactionary, conservative theories, he undoubtedly thinks this will bring the sheep back to the fold. He is wrong, of course. It will only bring the traditionalists back to the ranks of Rome (which is, in fact, the true battle of this Pope).


And what of the deafening silence about the Christians in Iraq, who are regularly massacred? Oh, yes, he celebrates mass for them! ... But won't do a thing to help them. That’s logical: he doesn’t know the Middle East - that problem is beyond him. Just as we are: this Pope who regularly brings us 500 years back in time… “John XVIII , come back! Benedict XVI has gone crazy!”





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