The anniversary of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Why was Iraq invaded after September 11, 2001? Whatever

the answer, Iraqis remain terribly aggrieved, not only over

the invasion, but because the United States helped Saddam

Hussein remain in power for decades.



Iraq of Tomorrow, Iraq

After 9-11, Iraq was Punished for America's Mistakes


"This is a brief overview of the United States, a country that in the face of the ongoing destruction of our beloved country claims to be the exporter and protector of democracy."


By Tarek Issa Taha


Translated By Ahmed Naoual


September 11, 2009


Iraq - Iraq of Tomorrow - Original Article (Arabic)

President Bush with firefighter Bob Beckwith in front of the 'pile' - the remains of the World Trade Center, on September 14, 2001.


BBC NEWS ARCHIVE VIDEO: U.S. shocked by day of terror, September 11, 2001, 00:09:49RealVideo

The attacks against New York on September 11, 2001 constituted a terrible genocide that shocked the world. But at the same time, this horrific crime provided the U.S. Administration with a pretext to launch wars against poorer countries and peoples ruled by corrupt cliques who came to power thanks to this same U.S. Administration. The Taliban themselves, who claim falsely to be Muslim, rose to power with U.S. support during the war against the Soviets. They were trained, armed and guided primarily by the Americans, who stood idly by, oblivious to women’s rights, as the Taliban carried out public executions in soccer stadiums and organized the stoning of women accused of breaking religious laws. Moreover, the U.S. permitted the Taliban to cultivate and export cocaine and hashish as a reward for participating in the war against the Soviet Union.


Apparently acting on the theory that only terrorism will work in the fight against terrorism, the United States has carried out the bombing of entire villages and the killing of innocent civilians, as it admitted in the wake of the destruction of Basra, where tens if not hundreds of people were killed in air raids. What we know today is that this and other raids were premeditated attacks with the purpose of waging a campaign of intimidation against anyone standing against U.S. imperialism.


When news came to him while he was busy reading to primary school students, Bush did nothing but continue for over half an hour. Is this the way the president of the mightiest nation on earth is supposed to react after hearing such terrible news? Bush later said, “You are either with us or against us.”


What's undeniable is that he used these wars against Afghanistan and Iraq to serve the interests of weapons merchants and manufacturers, enabling them to test their wares, boost their sales and make billions of dollars in profits.


As to Iraq's terrorist junta then in power, it was installed in "Black February," 1963. It was at this time that the first Iraqi republic was overthrown after it enacted Oil Law No. 8 - which nationalized our unexplored oil fields, withdrew from the Baghdad Pact [a U.S.-led group of nations], enacted land reform, adopted a progressive educational policy, set out to combat illiteracy and walked out of the Sterling Area [a zone of British influence]. The republic was also toppled because Baghdad began supporting liberation movements around the world - chiefly the Algerian Revolution [against France], whom it helped with money and weapons; and the Palestinian liberation movement, to which it provided arms and money, making Iraq a country to reckon with in the region and a threat to Israel.


Through the ruling terrorist junta, which was comprised of a clique of traitors led by Saddam Hussein and the Baath party, the United States had direct influence over the affairs of the country. It provided the Iraqi dictator with weapons and pushed him into an absurd war against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which ravaged the country and its youth and left it in ruins. That war resulted in terrible casualties on both sides and served mostly the interests of the United States and Israel.


Iraqi Sheik Ahmad Al-Kubeisi: 'No one with a grain of sense believes in

the story of 9/11 anymore; The Americans and English will not get out

of what they did in Iraq scot free. This is not idle talk. As they like to

say: Wait and see.' Decision Makers TV, United Arab Emirates,



This is a brief overview of the United States, a country that in the face of the ongoing destruction of our beloved country claims to be the exporter and protector of democracy, while at the same time it has attempted to ignite sectarian and racial violence to divide Iraqis.


But the Iraqi people, with their long history and experience, are rejecting division and occupation. All of the nation's political parties are now called upon to come together, speak with one voice and leave partisan selfishness behind for the sake of our nation and national identity. It is time to show tolerance to one another and make common cause. Namely, we must use every legitimate means to liberate and rebuild our beloved country, which has become easy prey to political Islam, the ignorant and thieving. Finally, without fear or delay, Prime Minister Maliki must set the record straight and take a firmer stand against terrorism.   



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