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'We are All Americans'


"Never before in the history of this planet has a mixed-race person of African descendent been its most powerful inhabitant … The Americans couldn't have given a better response to the world … today, we are all Americans."


By Sérgio Malbergier



Translated By Brandi Miller


November 6, 2008


Brazil - Floha - Original Article (Portuguese)

Front page of Folha, Nov. 6, 2008. It reads 'Obama's Historic Victory Turns Aside Conservitism and Defeats Racism'


BBC NEWS AUDio: Taliban spokesman comments on the election of Barack Obama, Nov. 13, 00:01:30RealVideo

Never before in the history of this planet has a mixed-race person of African descendent been its most powerful inhabitant. Even though the polls have already indicated Barack Obama’s victory, it is so epic and multidimensional that it fills us with amazement and exhilaration.


Obama is a global phenomenon; his victory reflects not only the choice of most Americans, but the great majority of human beings - which gives him even more legitimacy as a leader. And leadership will be needed to get the world out of this recession that remains of unknown size, but looks like it will be ugly.


So much the better that it's the United States shining this renewing ray of light on the depressed global arena. Among the truly terrible things bequeathed by eight years of Bushism, perhaps the worst is the sharp and stupid anti-Americanism.


As irrational as it is widespread, this nurtures, and for some it justifies, obscurantist and dangerous forces like Russian neo-Czarism, Chinese absolutism, Chavista petro-populism, Iranian nuclear messianism and Islamo-fascist terrorism. 



Absurd concepts such as that the U.S. is a nation of brute, ignorant and hickish people are spit forth by the supposed worldwide intelligentsia, despite the fact that the country has the best universities on the planet, is the biggest producer and consumer of culture, is the most innovative and creative nation of technologies, has the highest number of Nobel prize winners, invented the Internet and YouTube, and is by far world's largest economy.


And the conversation which goes like, “New York is fantastic, but has nothing to do with the United States,” would be like saying “São Paulo is fantastic, but has nothing to do with Brazil.”


And what about those who thought it was impossible for the “racist and reactionary” United States to elect a Black and progressive president in such a decisive way? (Is anyone bold enough to say what year Brazil, which has many more African descendants, will have a Black president?)



The Americans couldn't have given a better response to the world (and to Bushism) than leading Michelle and Barack Obama to the White House.


Not that his explosive electoral victory, as impacting and transformative as it is, guarantees a happy ending to the sad history of George W. Bush in Washington. The challenges are as big as Obama's triumph, if not bigger.


But the global satisfaction with Obama’s inspirational achievement has already given some impetus to a world that is slowing, almost stopping.


Let’s root for Obama and for what his impressive victory represents. Today, we are all Americans.


Sérgio Malbergier is the editor of the Money section of the Folha de S. Paulo. He was the editor of the World section (2000-2004), a correspondent in London (1994) and sent as a special correspondent to countries like Iraq, Israel and Venezuela, among others. He has directed two short films, A Árvore [The Tree] (1986) and Carô no Inferno [Carô in Hell] (1987). He writes for Folha Online on Thursdays.








































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