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Excelsior, Mexico

Obama: The President the 'Planet Requires'


"Obama is the President of the United States that the planet requires. Yet paradoxically, this doesn’t necessarily imply that an Obama presidency is the best thing for United States society."


By Armando Román Zozaya


Translated By Paula van de Werken


November 5, 2008


Mexico - Excelsior - Original Article (Spanish)

The world is passing through critical times: economic crisis, more poverty, terrorist attacks, the emergence (again) of Russia as a power, and so on. Given this scenario, the best that could have happened is that Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. That is because, unlike John McCain and George W. Bush, he understands that the collapse of that country's financial system didn’t occur by chance. In fact, time and again he has said that which is happening is attributable to the economic policies of the current White House tenant. In other words, Obama knows that his country is responsible for the economic difficulties that the world is suffering through, and that therefore he should cooperate at the global level to resolve them. The same applies to the issue of global warming: Barack Obama understands that it is a problem that can only be solve through a collective worldwide effort and that up to now, the United States has done nothing but hinder that effort. The point then, is that Obama will try hard to get is country to cooperate on such complex issues as those we have mentioned. How Great!




In addition to this, Obama acknowledges that while it's true that we must fight terrorism, it isn’t necessary to promote a vision that there are only “good guys” - that is to say, those who are with the United States, and “the bad guys” - or those who don't agree with everything the United States wants and/or does. For this reason, Obama continuously repeats that the walls that separate cultures, races, etc., must be torn down. Of course this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t clearly understand that firm action must be taken against terrorists. To this end, Obama has promised that when Iraq has a well-established government which is capable of offering security to its people - which is a goal he and his collaborators will quickly try to formalize - the war against terror will move to Afghanistan, since that is where the most serious threats have taken root. With respect to Iran and its nuclear program, Obama, unlike G.W. Bush and John McCain, hasn't considered the use of force, but that of diplomacy. 



In addition to what has already been said, we mustn't fail to emphasize the color of Obama’s face: his skin is Black; as Black as that of those Americans who, not many decades ago, were segregated and humiliated by their fellow White-skinned citizens. Also, let us not forget that Obama is the son of an immigrant. In this way, Barack Obama's victory will convey the message that democracy, while not perfect, is a way of life - not just of government - which, when accompanied by rules and measures to support individual freedom, creates opportunities for all. What better advertisement could there be for democracy, in a world that really needs it but usually doesn’t consider it the norm?!


Therefore, Obama is the President of the United States that the planet requires. Yet paradoxically, this doesn’t necessarily imply that an Obama presidency is the best thing for United States society. Specifically, in terms of what the United States is, Obama is very much to the left. For example, he has promised to raise taxes on the wealthiest while reducing taxes on the middle class and poor. He also wants to reform the healthcare system so that to some extent, it won’t be as inhumane as it is today, but will favor those with less. Similarly, among other things of a similar nature, Obama wants to put in place measures to enable people with fewer resources to study up to the university level if they so wish.




I agree with everything that Obama longs for. Nevertheless, as I said, one must wonder whether the society of that country, and above all, the United States Congress, will agree. Why? Because what Obama wants to do is make the United States somewhat similar to a European welfare state, and it's likely, sooner or later, that United Statesiens [people of the United States] will turn their back on such a project. In fact, even though the country is one of the most advanced, it has the greatest inequality in terms of  wealth distribution and has never had a viable and durable social-democratic party. Similarly, its unions have never been marked by the combativeness and backing of their European counterparts. Against this backdrop, will Obama’s socio-economic agenda have a future? Will it generate conflicts within his country? Has the Left’s moment finally arrived? We do not know. What we do know is that we are with Barack Obama: Oh how much we wish that his victory is confirmed. It is sorely needed!













































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